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2BrosPro post propaganda message to influence athletes

2BrosPro post propaganda message to influence athletes

2BrosPro post propaganda message to influence athletes.

The bodybuilding and fitness industry is never without some excitement or controversy.

As we are trying to step away from all this controversy, it seems we are sucked right back into it. This website cannot just sit back and listen to false reports and stories regarding this sport.

This site has their share of haters, but that is ok. We have great support as well!

In the past weekend, our friends at 2BrosPro, the UK affiliate top the NPC/Pro League had a live question and answer chat on their official Instagram page.

It was a good question and answer without any controversy. What was strange is that with all the popularity they claim to have, the average logged on viewers were 22-26 people!

As this was a Live feed mainly for European athletes, they cannot say they wanted to watch the Super Bowl, because that is an American sport, and the majority of Europe basically has no interest in it. If it was the UEFA Champions League, then they would have a valid excuse for the low viewership.

All this was fine, there was no bad talk against any other federation, maybe just the small comments that they have the Olympia.

The next day, 2BrosPro post a little poem type of story on their official Instagram page again. This time it was a message against the Real IFBB that is headed by IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja and his Executive committee.

If people are still confused, the IFBB that is headed by Rafael Santonja and his team is the real IFBB and the only IFBB.

It is the IFBB that Ben and Joe Weider passed on to Dr. Rafael Santonja. Ben suggested Rafael and he was voted democratically as President of this federation that is affiliated with over 190 countries.

Getting back to the 2BrosPro message, they are trying to make it a point that they are the IFBB, but they are not. They are just using the IFBB name in their professional league as it was affiliated to the IFBB before they were suspended by the IFBB in 2017.

The real name for 2BrosPro and Jim Manion’s pro league should be NPC Pro League as that is the amateur federation that is making their athletes professionals.

The IFBB have the biggest amateur federation in the world and they have prestigious contests such as the European Amateur Championships and World Amateur Championships. Thousands of athletes compete at these shows. If one looks back at the history of the sport, some of the best professionals in the world earned their pro cards through these events.

As well the IFBB have the IFBB Elite Pro League, this league was formed after the suspension of Jim Manion and the NPC in 2017. Already the 2019 calendar year is jam packed with pro contests for the new IFBB Elite Pro’s.

Please note NPC/Pro League President Jim Manion had his WADA (World Anti-Doping Association) suspension extended to 2025.

Just as NPC/Pro League athletes qualify for the Olympia Weekend, the IFBB Elite Pro athletes qualify for the IFBB World Pro Championship.

The IFBB cater to more disciplines in the IFBB Pro World Championships than the NPC/Pro League do at the Olympia.

The message from the 2BrosPro looks as a response to the detailed truth that was posted by the IFBB Physique America the week before. The IFBB Physique America posted a letter explaining the history of the the real IFBB and how it was created.

Now, don’t get us wrong, the Olympia is still a fantastic event, but posting confusing messages to trick athletes that want to stay and compete with the real IFBB is just a joke.

Bob Cicherillo and Ian, the owners of 2BrosPro are hard working guys, and they are trying to do their best in the UK. They have brought back the NPC British Grand Prix, which is great. But they should worry about their own situation than try to trick competitors.

Here are some more stories to help you understand this situation:

THE TRUTH: 2006 video of Ben Weider passing IFBB Presidency to Dr. Rafael Santonja

Jim Manion preparing to rename federation to NPC Pro League

THE TRUTH: Ben Weider dedicated his life for the IFBB to earn Olympic Recognition

THE TRUTH: IFBB suspended the NPC two days before Jim Manion resigned!

Where are the new IFBB Pro athletes?

NPC Global, IFBB Pro League or NPC Pro League?

1549345642_926_2BrosPro-post-propaganda-message-to-influence-athletes 2BrosPro post propaganda message to influence athletes

1549345642_14_2BrosPro-post-propaganda-message-to-influence-athletes 2BrosPro post propaganda message to influence athletes

1549345642_257_2BrosPro-post-propaganda-message-to-influence-athletes 2BrosPro post propaganda message to influence athletes

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