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According to Multiple Reports Luke Sandoe Has Passed Away at 30

Talented bodybuilder Luke Sandoe has suddenly passed away.

This comes as a major shock to the bodybuilding world. Luke Sandoe was one of the most talented bodybuilders in the modern era. His sudden passing is sending shock waves through the community.

While details remain scarce, a number of sources have confirmed the bodybuilder’s passing. Steve Kuclo posted about the untimely death of Luke Sandoe on his Instagram.

Sandoe was a bodybuilder hailing from England who skyrocketed through the bodybuilding ranks. He caught many people’s eyes and was considered to be one of the most hyped competitors in the world. Although he had not yet earned a pro show victory, the promise seen in this young bodybuilder was astronomical. There were various moments in his career that he looked certain to topple top level pro bodybuilders – such as this physique update he shared before the Olympia 2019.

He placed 3rd at the Arnold Classic 2019 – which is the moment his name really started to stick among fans and athletes throughout the industry. Many believed that the year 2020 would be his moment to shine.

Throughout our years of reporting, Generation Iron had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Luke Sandoe. He was passionate and laser focused on his goal of becoming a mainstay in bodybuilding.

Candid video of Generation Iron hanging out with Luke Sandoe before a competition (above).

According to reports, Luke Sandoe was found at his home on the morning of May 7th by his training partner and fellow IFBB Pro League bodybuilder James Hollingshead as well as Hollingshead’s girlfriend. They are both sponsored by Redcon1.

Sandoe was last seen in public at the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival doing commentary for the Arnold Classic webcast. Sandoe is considered the biggest UK Men’s Open star in bodybuilding since six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates.

The Generation Iron team extends condolences to the family and friends of Luke Sandoe. He was a true talent and will be greatly missed.

Generation Iron will continue to follow this news as it develops. The cause of death is being determined by authorities.

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