Arnold Schwarzenegger Commented On News About Ed Corney’s Death

Arnold Schwarzenegger Commented On News About Ed Corney’s Death

Ed Corney passed away on the 1 of January 2019, being 85 years old. A grandson of the bodybuilding star shared the information a day after on the 2 of January.

The news was sad and unexpected for the bodybuilding society and many fans of Ed. However, it was even more painful for those people who used to know and to communicate with Ed personally. One of such people is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold and Ed used to be friends, competitors, and training partners. They knew each other well and spend a lot of time together. The sportsmen always had a friendly and warm relationship and often spoke about each other.

It also looks like news about Ed’s death made Arnold especially sad and emotional. The sportsman who is not a very active user of the social sites left very touching and warm messages under the posts about Ed Corney’s death on Reddit. Schwarzenegger told that Ed was more than just another bright sportsman but a bright jewel of bodybuilding. Arnold reminded everyone how important and influential the professional activity of Ed was for the sport’s development and how much Ed Corney did to make bodybuilding what it is now. Arnold also shared some personal memories, telling that Ed was a great person and a friend.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also shared a short post on Twitter in his personal account with great words about Corney. He told that he missed his friend and wanted to support his family.


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