Big Ramy Showed How a New Training Approach Changed His Body!

Big Ramy Showed How a New Training Approach Changed His Body!

After 2018 Olympia everyone was busy discussing the loss of the former bodybuilding champion Phil Heath. However, last year competition was unsuccessful not only for him. Big Ramy who used to be one of the top Olympia participants and one of the most possible candidates for the first place finished the competition being fifth.

The sports critics and Ramy’s fans noticed that the sportsman looked worse than a year before. Moreover, many experts told that the training approach that Ramy had followed for many years would not make him win. The sportsman cared about looking big and making his muscles more massive, while the judges and experts prefer less massive but more shredded bodies.

The result of the latest Olympia competition made Big Ramy shocked. The sportsman apologized in front of his fans and even had thoughts about leaving the professional sport. However, soon the bodybuilder managed to overcome his depression and told he was ready for some very serious changes.

Big Ramy terminated his contracts with the sports club and coaches he used to deal with. Left Kuwait and came back to Egypt. Soon after that, he started to look for a new coach and an absolutely new training approach.

Now Big Ramy trains under control of Big Yoda Hill. The sportsman told that almost every element of his training program was changed. Moreover, his fans noticed that the sportsman’s body has changed too. Now Big Ramy looks a bit slimmer and less massive than before.

The transformation is very visible now. However, no one knows how far it will go until 2019 Olympia. Perhaps, this year we will see absolutely new Big Ramy. That is very interesting and intriguing. However, no one can know exactly whether these changes will help the sportsman to return his position in the competition.



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