Bigorexia Is a New Danger For Bodybuilders

Bigorexia Is a New Danger For Bodybuilders

Trained and sporty bodies are part of modern culture. A few years ago the sports society could be happy with this new fashion. The desire to look like a sports star often makes people choose healthier products, work on their eating habits and visit a gym regularly. The result is healthier, happier and more beautiful people who discover the true meaning of being beautiful and strong.

However, just like anything else on the planet, the new fitness fashion has a different side. And it’s, unfortunately, not as positive as you could think. Desire to look just like another fitness model may lead to unpredictable actions. Not everyone is ready to work hard and to eat healthy food instead of tasty burgers.

Some people, especially those who may have some psychological issues may look for alternative ways of getting a more sporty appearance. These ways are not always effective. And what is even worse, they are often dangerous.

Bigorexia is a relatively new psychological disorder. The disorder is characterized by a strong and often uncontrolled desire to look bigger. Only a part of people who have the disorder go to a gym and start regular training. Others are obsessed with those manipulations that allow their bodies to become bigger very quickly.

Some of the greatest dangers is the usage of synthole and other similar substances that are put under the skin to imitate muscles. Often such cases end up in the development of serious diseases or even death.

Cyril Tereshin from Russia has become famous after putting some amount of synthole under his skin. He wanted to have an impressive physique and dreamed about massive hands. However, he decided that synthole is a faster and more comfortable way of having a great body than visiting a gym and working hard for creating impressive muscles.

The result is a very freaky look and lots of scary diagnoses. Doctors say that synthole led to severe chronic inflammation and may become a reason of hands’ amputation in the future.

The case of Cyril could be quite educative. However, there are some issues that can make you worry: Cyril doesn’t feel sorry for what he did. Moreover, he thinks that he looks great and his idea is shared by thousands of followers who support him.

According to the prognosis of modern psychologists and psychotherapists, bigorexia can become a very dangerous and common disorder of today’s society.

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