Bodybuilding and Fitness world react to Kobe Bryant’s death

Bodybuilding and Fitness world react to Kobe Bryant’s death.

No matter what sport discipline you participate in as an amateur or pro, there is a common bond between everybody.

The tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the other passengers on the helicopter that crashed has literally shocked the entire world.

What was so special about Kobe?

Kobe touched everybody in the world of sports. He inspired other athletes to move up to the next level and never give up.

Just as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney and other legendary bodybuilders, Kobe was a vision in inspiration and motivation.

Whatever Kobe put his mind to, he would succeed.

Even the most focused and successful athletes in the world still looked up to Kobe.

Kobe did not just lift the Lakers, but he lifted the world with his perfection on and off the court.

The minute the news was heard of his tragic death, major cities from all over the world paid their respect.

Sporting events stopped to pay their respects to the legendary basketball player.

The bodybuilding and fitness world also paid their respects immediately after they heard the news of Kobe’s death

Phil Heath

To say that I am heartbroken is one thing as I am confused, sad, devastated to read this terrible news about Kobe along with his daughter Gigi and the other passengers onboard that helicopter. I can recall a moment in time meeting Young Kobe in his rookie season as the Lakers were practicing at our university (DENVER) before they played the DENVER Nuggets. I skipped class to watch them as I needed to see Kobe in the flesh. He practiced with such vigor, such passion and grace that I became an instant lifetime fan that after their practice, I followed him into the weight room just to see if I could shake his hand. As he did curls, I was so nervous but as I began to say hi, he looked and proceeding to say “what’s up, you play here?” I’m responded “yep I do and you’re fckin Kobe Bryant!!!” He was so nice and courteous to me along with some of my teammates that we all were in complete awe and amazement that he imprinted that moment into our hearts forever. I’m sure like many of you today are upset, sad, heartbroken but I’d like to encourage us to all pray for his family as this is something is hard to even fathom and digest. I’m just in complete shock, but I will always remember Kobe for his greatness, his mindset, his ferociousness on the court and the way he loved his family and fans. He gave us all some of the most memorable moments in NBA history and made sure to show us that he was more than an athlete with his work in film and business oh and coaching. My most sincere condolences to his family and loved ones. This one hurts deep. Thank you for listening everyone. Love to all!!! – Phil Heath

Samir Bannout

We are completely bummed out for the loss of Kobe Bryant. I knew the Black Mamba personally when he trained amongst us at World gym in Venice California, 96-97-98-99-etc… all I have to say, we are still in disbelief that he’s gone at 41… our condolences to his family, The Lakers n the NBA and all his friends n fans…he truly was a great man!! R.I.P. Black Mamba – Samir Bannout

Shawn Ray

KOBE BRYANT- We will never forget! – Shawn Ray

“It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives. The act of dying is not of importance, it lasts so short a time.” – Samuel Johnson. RIP Kobe Bryant

Kevin Levrone

RIP @kobebryant 🙏🏼Condolences to his family. #lostforwords – Kevin Levrone

Flex Lewis

Today the news of Kobe and his Daughter passing hit me hard, being in LA (downtown) I got to see so many fans come out in there thousands wearing the number 24, looking for a place to gather to console one and other, with the whole area crying. It was so, so very sad and to see just how much this man meant to these people was…. well there is no words!!!
We never met
I never had the honor to see him play
But ALL he stood for as a Professional Athlete I admired so damn much, a man of class, a man of work ethic, a man of honor, but aside from that a man who loved his FAMILY so dearly.
This breaks my heart to hear about his passing along with his Daughter so young and so much talent as a young Athlete herself. I couldn’t fathom just what his family, and his close friends are going through. Such a sad day for ALL the family’s in the crash, my heart goes out to all effect.
**Legends never Die** – Flex Lewis

Dexter Jackson

R.i.P @kobebryant I was never a Kobe fan but I had the upmost respect for him, his game and the the man he was to his family and kids. May God bless you, your family and friends. You will be missed OG! – Dexter Jackson

Brandon Curry

My thoughts, prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of the Bryant family and to the family and friends of the others involved in this tragedy. I cannot imagine the magnitude of pain and emotion they are all enduring in this moment of tragic loss. Legends never dieBrandon Curry

Chris Cormier

I will never forget the times in my life watching Kobe B Bryant ! Train at golds gym , he was always there around 9 am training hard ! Then you see him later on that night hitting the game winner ! Then back to the grind ! I will never forget going to the gym the next morning, Kobe was hard at work in the gym after the lakers won there back to back championship!! So inspirational! So kind ! So special! #8 #24 mamba Rest now ! His daughter a special one also , we were all waiting to see her shine as well!! – Chris Cormier

We at would like to send our sincere condolences to the family and friends of all that died in this tragic incident.

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