Bodybuilding For Charity: a Bodybuilder Acts Like a Real-life Hulk to Entertain Kids in Hospital

Bodybuilding For Charity: a Bodybuilder Acts Like a Real-life Hulk to Entertain Kids in Hospital

Charity is not only about donating money or feeding homeless. There are many ways to change things for better and to help people. It’s also about spreading some good mood and positive vibes and giving great moral support to those who face the worst times of their lives.

Feeling the support of others is an important part of the recovery. It’s necessary not only to receive some medical care but also to stay motivated for a victory over disease. And it’s especially important for patients of younger age.

There are a lot of popular stars who visit hospitals to support their young fans. There are also many volunteers who pretend to be popular heroes of films and cartoons to entertain and amaze kids. And, finally, there are more and more sportsmen who do similar things.

Bruno Moraes is a young bodybuilder from Brazil who has often been called “The Brazilian Hulk” for his impressively massive muscles. Bruno decided to do something really useful for kids who stay in hospitals and fight severe diseases.

Moraes pretended to be a real-life Hulk, painting his body green and adding some details for him to look exactly like the superhero from a favorite cartoon or a comic book. The bodybuilding looked very realistic and many children were impressed by his performance.

Bruno told that he liked what he did and really enjoyed seeing happy smiles of the kids. The sportsman could spend only a day being Hulk and entertaining his little fans. However, it’s very possible that soon Bruno will repeat his visit making many kids happy again.

The sportsman showed that doing some good things is always possible and inspired a lot of his colleagues and fans for making some small steps to make the world a better place for everyone!


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