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BREAKING NEWS: Flex Wheeler has emergency surgery

BREAKING NEWS: Flex Wheeler has emergency surgery.

Shocking news has hit the bodybuilding industry again this week.

Bodybuilding legend, Flex Wheeler was rushed to the hospital to have emergency surgery on his right leg due to various complications.

Unfortunately, Flex Wheeler had his right leg partially amputated. was informed about the surgery last week but refrained from publishing the news.

The news started to make its way to the media by EINNEWS.COM and also on, but they did not give most of the details.

According to our sources, Flex Wheeler is going to make an announcement about his surgery and keep his fans updated on the situation in the coming days.

After what Flex went through, Flex is in good spirits according to our sources.

Even though Flex Wheeler never won the Mr. Olympia title, legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger are on record saying that Flex was one of the best bodybuilders to ever grace the bodybuilding stage.

Already some disgusting comments have been said on a certain forum regarding Flex Wheeler and what has happened to him. No one should ever wish something like this on anybody. Regardless of what some people think of Flex, he is a legend of the sport and dedicated his life to it. Respect must be given to this legendary champion. believe Flex will get through this as he is a true fighter and we surely believe he will still contribute to the sport of bodybuilding and fitness.

BREAKING NEWS: Flex Wheeler has emergency surgery 1

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