Calum Von Moger Works as a Fashion Model

Calum Von Moger Works as a Fashion Model

Life is a chain of raises and falls. And the story of Calum Von Moger is a great proof for that. The sportsman became popular very quickly. He was noticed by sports experts, companies in the fitness sphere and thousands of fans.

Moreover, he was invited for a role of young Arnold Schwarzenegger and played some interesting roles in other films. Sports critics called him one of the most successful young sportsmen in the world and told he had high chances to win great bodybuilding contests like Olympia competition. Moreover, some said he had chances to become a new sports legend and a role model for the new generation of sportsmen.

However, not everything can be predicted. Unfortunately, the young bodybuilder got serious traumas while having rest with his friends. It led to months of rehabilitation, several medical surgeries and severe depression. The career of Calum could be destroyed.

Fortunately, the sportsman decided not to give up and to put maximal efforts to return to the top. Now he’s on his way to recovery. Calum is planning to compete this year and is already preparing to perform on the bodybuilding stage.

However, it looks like there is more good news for the sportsman and his fans. Calum Von Moger was offered to take a part in a promo campaign for Gucci. Calum is going to try the work of a model and this can bring lots of great opportunities for him in the future.

There’s no doubt that the charismatic sportsman will look great advertising fashionable clothes. Moreover, such an offer can be a source of inspiration and confidence for him. This is exactly what is needed after a long and difficult period he had in his life.  


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