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Chris Aceto attacks AMI’s David Pecker over Shawn Rhoden’s suspension

Chris Aceto attacks AMI’s David Pecker over Shawn Rhoden’s suspension.

The shocking news that Shawn Rhoden has been charged with rape has rocked the bodybuilding and fitness world.

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A few hours after the news was revealed about the charges against Shawn Rhoden, American Media Incorporated (AMI) which is owned by publishing giant David Pecker released a statement regarding this incident.

AMI’s owner David Pecker announced he is revoking the eligibility of 2018 Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden from competing in the 2019 and future Mr. Olympia competitions.

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After this statement was published, Chris Aceto, mentor/guru for Shawn Rhoden was not pleased with the decision of AMI.

Chris Aceto is responsible for helping athletes win the top prizes in the sport of bodybuilding, such as 4X Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler and 2018 Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden.

Chris went to his official Instagram page to vent his anger in a statement that directly attacks David Pecker for his decision to suspend Shawn Rhoden and not let him defend his title.

Aceto accused AMI/David Pecker of not even picking up the phone to contact their reigning champion and confirm all the news and to see what is going on.

Chris also went on to say that he thought Jim Manion called the shots when it came to bodybuilding, but here Chris is totally wrong.

AMI owns the Olympia Weekend and they make the decisions. Jim Manion just represents the NPC/Pro League. He definitely has no say in decisions when it comes to running the Mr. Olympia. The man that pumps out the millions has the final say and that is David Pecker.

This is Chris Aceto’s statement in full:

therealtechnician This is the guy who unilaterally decides who can’t compete at the Olympia. Who controls bodybuilding now ? I always thought it was the people who built it and earned the respect of the athletes. I thought Jim Manion was numero uno.

It appears that the the guy who was granted immunity recently and who by all accounts knows nothing about bodybuilding – has jumped the gun and decided a Mr Olympia – accused of a crime- must be guilty of a crime without due process, without a trial, without picking up a phone and asking the competitor “what the hell is going on?” There is something fundamentally wrong with the entire NPC/Pro League if someone is allowed to be kicked out of the sport after being accused of something. (Even criminal) without asking the accused “ is this true?”

If this is allowed to happen – that Shawn Rhoden is banned from the Olympia – then bb just is nothing more then gutless crappy business, no real passion from anyone, no integrity left, no balls anywhere to say this is unfair. The irony of course is this is the type of story the Enquirer would salivate over!

The IFBB does not run the Olympia Weekend

Since the split in 2017 between the IFBB and the NPC/IFBB Pro League, many athletes and people high up the hierarchy within the NPC/IFBB Pro League still confuse the names of both federations.

The IFBB that is lead by President Dr. Rafael Santonja has nothing to do with the Olympia Weekend or the Olympia name. Their association with the Olympia name ended after the split in 2017. The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) is not associated with the Olympia brand whatsoever.

The Olympia Weekend is sanctioned by the NPC/IFBB Pro League which is lead by Jim Manion. Jim Manion has no relation with the IFBB or its events. He runs the NPC, Pro League and NPC Worldwide.

It would be logical to refer to the IFBB Pro League as the NPC/Pro League. This would help bodybuilding fans to see the difference between both federations.

Jim Manion does hold some rights to use the name IFBB Professional League, but he himself and a number of officials are already distancing themselves from using the name IFBB. On the international scene, they are using the name NPC Worldwide in many occasions, dropping IFBB from the name.

Chris Aceto attacks AMI

Chris Aceto attacks AMI’s David Pecker over Shawn Rhoden’s suspension 1

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