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Chris Cormier: I Am the Real Deal – Premieres 28 November, 2019

Chris Cormier: I Am the Real Deal – Premieres 28 November, 2019.

Chris Cormier is an athlete that has experienced the success of professional bodybuilding, and at the same time experienced the dark side of the sport.

Finally an official documentary was made about Cormier, giving all his fans an insight into his life and career.

Interviews with some of the best bodybuilders that have ever stepped on stage talk about their friendship and experience competing against him.

About the film

Chris Cormier: I Am the Real Deal is a documentary about the life and career of pro bodybuilder Chris Cormier. His story is one of triumph and despair filled with huge successes and massive failures, both personal and professional, making it one of the most compelling in the history of bodybuilding.

Along with Chris himself, the story is told by the major players themselves: Flex Wheeler, Rico McClinton, Shawn Ray, Kevin Levrone, Jay Cutler, Dorian Yates, Dexter Jackson,  Ronnie Coleman, Lee Priest, Peter McGough, Roelly Winklaar and more.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or know nothing about bodybuilding, we guarantee that you will find Chris Cormier: I Am the Real Deal a fascinating look at one of the most unique individuals to ever compete in the sport.

Chris Cormier:

  • competed in more than 70 pro shows — but only once placed outside the top 10
  • placed second at the prestigious Arnold Classic competition six consecutive times
  • was renowned for his unique and personality-driven posing routines
  • and was just as renowned for his partying lifestyle

Did he sacrifice success on the bodybuilding stage for the lure of drugs, women and money — or was he one of the hardest working bodybuilders of his era who never got his due?

Chris Cormier: I Am the Real Deal aims to find out.

About the filmmakers

Chris Cormier: I Am the Real Deal is a passion project put together by people with not only a long history in the sport of bodybuilding but also with a background in film and documentary.

Gary Phillips, Co-Director

Originally from the UK, Gary is one of the most respected and renowned bodybuilding photographers in the industry, having covered every major show for the past three decades.

He also directed Dare2Dream, a documentary on bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler, and Shadow Warrior about eight-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates.

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