Dennis James Tells That Steroids Are Less Dangerous Than Many People Think

Dennis James Tells That Steroids Are Less Dangerous Than Many People Think

Modern bodybuilding has always been associated with steroids. However, steroids and similar drugs have never been accepted positively. People get used to blaming steroids in all diseases or health issues that happen to bodybuilders.

Most professional sportsmen get in risk of developing many diseases. Unfortunately, this is often a part of the great success in sports. Pushing your own limits and working hard 365 days in a year is always difficult, not everyone’s organism is ready for that.

When bodybuilders have illnesses, many people don’t want to think about the real reasons. They blame steroids in most cases. Even doctors and sports experts like to mention steroids as one of the main reasons that cause diseases of professional sportsmen.

In facts, steroids are not created to make sportsmen’s health better (except those cases when steroids are prescribed as a part of medical therapy). A longlasting use of steroids combined with hard physical work and stresses can lead to numerous side effects. In that case, steroids can be one of the factors that destroy health or even lead to death. However, it’s important to understand that heavy side effects are possible in the cases when steroids are used without control or incorrectly.

While many sportsmen are expressing their anti-steroids and anti-doping position, Dennis James is joining the opposite camp. The sports expert tells he doesn’t understand the negative attitude towards steroids. He believes that the situation is exaggerated.

Dennis says he understands that steroids can be harmful to health, however, he also thinks that they are not able to kill a bodybuilder or to lead to any serious disease. James thinks that the situation can be improved when people get more truthful information about steroids.

That’s the reason why Dennis gave another interview dedicated to steroids. He explains how steroids really work and why it’s not right to think their usage can lead to death.


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