Dennis James Told That Ronnie Coleman Was The Only Great Bodybuilder in 90’s

Dennis James Told That Ronnie Coleman Was The Only Great Bodybuilder in 90’s

There are many sportsmen who believe that the 1990’s were the best years of bodybuilding. Moreover, there are many sports experts who believe the same.

However, as it often happens, one of the most popular and active experts can’t agree with the idea. Dennis James took part in creating another video where he gives an interview and shares his opinion about the sport and the sportsmen who presented it in 90’s.

Unlike many other experts, Dennis doesn’t think that the period was great or somehow special. He was ready to criticize the organization of the sports events, standards, and rules of the sport of that time. However, what is even more disappointing due to James’s words is an approach to training and attitude to the sport itself.

He says that the sportsmen of that time were not better than average bodybuilders today. Moreover, they didn’t make anything revolutionary like the sportsmen of the Golden Era of bodybuilding did. Nowadays, bodybuilders have a chance to look better and to keep healthier. There are many new opportunities to develop a great physique easier and faster and to avoid unpleasant traumas.

James told that he didn’t try to offense or criticize someone. He just wanted to prove there’s nothing special about that decade in the history of the sport – just another stage of the sport’s development.

The only person who James called a truly outstanding one was Ronnie Coleman. James thinks that Ronnie is that special reason why people are talking so much about bodybuilders of 90’s.

However, Ronnie Coleman is more than a star for a decade. He’s one of the best sportsmen not only for 1990’s, but he’s also definitely one of the best of all times. It’s difficult to say whether the sport will ever have another great representative as Ronnie.  

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