Dennis James Tries To Predict If Shawn Rhoden Will Manage to Show Better Physique This Year

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This year Olympia is a really great event and many people are trying to predict how it may finish and which results it may have. The future competition between the ex-champion Phil Heath and the current Olympia winner Shawn Rhoden is especially interesting to everyone, including sports experts.

It’s very difficult to predict the results that the sportsmen may show. Both of them are very ambitious and want to get a desired victory. However, both of them are in a risk to lose the chance.

Dennis James has watched the bodybuilders very carefully, monitoring the process of their work and preparation. The sports expert has repeatedly told that Phill Heath had more chances to win the contest than his main competitor Shawn Rhoden. However, Dennis has never called Shawn a week sportsman.

This time Dennis decided to comment on the current physique of Rhoden, trying to guess how successful his future performance can be.

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