Dexter Jackson Shared a Legendary Photo With Ben Weider

Dexter Jackson Shared a Legendary Photo With Ben Weider

Death of Ed Corney, who passed away on the 1st of January 2019 made the bodybuilding society remember other great bodybuilders and sports characters who are not with us anymore.

Shocking news about Corney’s death made people sad. However, it also became a reason for sharing some warm memories and another reason to thank great people of the past who worked much to make the sport developed and popular.

Dexter Jackson who often shares some old photos posted a picture of himself and one of the legendary figures in the sport’s history Ben Weider. Jackson told that he was very lucky to be able to meet and to introduce to one of the greatest men in the history of bodybuilding.

Dexter told that the photo was taken in 2008 when Jackson became Mr. Olympia. Unfortunately, Ben Weider passed away the same year, just a few weeks after the photo was taken. Dexter Jackson is officially the last Mr. Olympia congratulated and rewarded by the sports legend.

Ben Weider who is often called a father of modern bodybuilding was born in 1923. After immigrating to Canada, Weider together with his brother founded International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB).

Weider was very motivated and devoted to the sport, doing much for its development, promotion, and popularization. He has been involved in many bodybuilding events, staying active until his last days.

Ben Weider died on 17th October 2008. 


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