Dexter Jackson Told What Was The Most Common Mistake of Many Bodybuilders

Dexter Jackson Told What Was The Most Common Mistake of Many Bodybuilders

Dexter Jackson looks not as great as he used to look in 2008 when he won his Mr. Olympia title and amazed everyone with a truly unreal physique. However, he still looks and feels great even being one of the oldest Olympia contestants.

Dexter says that his greatest professional secret is working with the smallest possible weights. The fans of Jackson often criticize him for sharing photos where he poses with little weights. While many sports stars are trying to impress the bodybuilding community with insanely huge weights, Dexter says that no one in bodybuilding needs to lift much.

Unlike other sports (e.g. powerlifting), it doesn’t matter which weights you lift. What is more important is to choose the correct training strategy and exercises that will make your muscles react to what you do and grow.

Moreover, Jackson believes that exercising with smaller weights makes his muscles look more shredded. And the sportsman thinks that this can be more important than making muscles look too massive.

It’s not the first time when the former Olympia champion and one of the brightest bodybuilders in the world tells how important it is to include exercises with small weights into your training routine. However, this time Dexter said that he not only tried to avoid working with heavy weights but also intentionally chose the smallest possible weights for his training routine.

It sounds quite controversial, however, Dexter tells he is a living example of the effectiveness of his training approach. In addition, Dexter believes that working with small weight allows him to avoid many professional diseases and traumas. This will probably allow him to stay on the Olympia stage for many more years and to become one of the oldest Olympia competitors. At least, looking at Dexter Jackson who is 49, it’s easy to believe he’s not going to leave the professional sport soon.

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