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EXCLUSIVE: Phil Heath responds to Nick’s Strength and Power

Phil Heath responds to Nick

EXCLUSIVE: Phil Heath responds to Nick’s Strength and Power.

Controversy is brewing again in the bodybuilding world. It’s not about an incident on the stage or in a gym, but this time false accusations from Nick Miller, owner of the popular Youtube channel Nick’s Strength and Power.

Just a day ago, Nick Miller published a video on his latest Youtube channel talking about Phil Heath and the comments he made towards Youtubers.

Nick talks about the comments Phil Heath made about bodybuilding journalists and Youtuber’s.

Obviously there is a difference between real journalists that investigate stories and take the time to make sure they have all the evidence before publishing a story compared to Youtuber’s flashing photos with music and talking about how a bodybuilder looks.

Nick believes that 7X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath’s comments were made towards him. This was a crucial mistake.

Phil Heath’s comments were not made towards Nick Miller, and if he had a problem with Phil in the past, his latest comments have nothing to do with what he said at the 2019 Arnold Classic Sunday Seminar.

We contacted Phil Heath and as well tagged him on a post on Twitter, which he answered.

Phil was not referring to Nick Miller, but he was referring to real journalists writing Jay Cutler off when he lost his 2008 Mr. Olympia to Dexter Jackson and then coming back in 2009 to win it back.’s post:

Nick Strength just like Luimarco criticize competitors. Do they expect somebody like or not to respond? Its easy for them to criticize, when they get critized back they cry. Phil needed surgery and Roelly had a cramp… big deal.

Phil Heath’s response:

What’s funny is he acted like I was talkin about Him when I was at the ASC seminar talking about Jay Cutler losing his title and critics and bloggers talked bad about him including Magazine Journalist only to see him win it back in 2009. He made that video for click bait clearly.

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