Face the facts Jim… It’s time to change to NPC Pro League

Face the facts Jim… It’s time to change to NPC Pro League.

In recent weeks, several documents have been shared indicating that the ‘IFBB Professional League’ does not exist.

The problem is that not all documents have been shared in relation to the name ‘IFBB Professional League’.

The IFBB Professional League as a ‘non-profit’ organization has been dissolved in Canada as of April 2019.

This means the name ‘IFBB Professional League’ is technically finished.

Jim Manion published a video just a few days ago insisting that the IFBB Professional League offices are in Pittsburgh.

This is correct, but Mr. Manion did not mention that he changed the name to IFBB Membership Inc. to turn it from a non-profit to a profit-making entity.

What is suspicious is how can a company transfer the funds coming into a non-profit (IFBB Professional League) entity and insert them into a profit-making entity (IFBB Membership Inc.)?

The logo of the IFBB Professional League represents a non-profit organization and it is truly misleading and wrong to use it for a profit making organization.

An article published by, explained the difference between the NPC/Pro League and the IFBB/IFBB Elite Pro League were explained in detail.

(NPC/Pro League refers to Jim Manion, IFBB/IFBB Elite Pro refers to (IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja).

Read More: NPC Global, IFBB Pro League or NPC Pro League?

Since published the article, we have been asked many questions if Jim Manion would actually drop the name IFBB from their Pro League name. investigated this matter more extensively and we found that manoeuvres by Jim Manion have been taking place since the NPC and IFBB split in September 2017.

The IFBB recognizes only one amateur federation per country and since the suspension of the NPC, they have been replaced by IFBB Physique America headed by Wayne DeMilia. This gives even more reason why Jim Manion is looking to change the name of the Pro League.

Getting back to the name change, Jim Manion registered a new name for the Pro League that he runs, meaning that the name IFBB will eventually be dropped from the contests that he is president of and runs. This also includes all apparel.

Using the name IFBB is incorrect when referring to the Pro League. They are not part of the IFBB. Being part of the IFBB would mean you would take part in voting democratically for the committee, new rules, amendments and the president as is done between over 190 at various congresses over the world.

Who owns the actual names?

When Jim Manion and the NPC split with the IFBB, he immediately started to register a few names to get a registered trademark.

These applications took place just a few weeks after he and the NPC were suspended.

Manion knew that eventually he would not be able to use the IFBB name in the future as the if he wants to have his own pro league, he would need to completely remove IFBB from his federation.

Jim Manion has applied and registered the names: National Physique Committee Pro League, NPC Worldwide, NPC PRO. These names are registered and are official trademarks. The trademarks for these names are just ‘figurative’ and no logos have been registered since writing this article.

As well, the ‘Figurative’ logo and ‘Word’ of the ‘IFBB Professional League’ is owned by Eric Weider (Ben Weider’s son) which now has been dissolved. This means, Jim Manion and the NPC, do not have any rights over this according to documents.

The names and logos registered and owned by the IFBB (Dr. Rafael Santonja) and IFBB Elite Pro are:
IFBB Pro League (Word)
IFBB Elite Ranking
IFBB International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness
IFBB Elite Pro
IFBB Elite World Cup
IFBB International Pro Card
IFBB Diamond Cup
IFBB Diamond League
IFBB Fitness Diamond League
IFBB Elite Champs
IFBB Fit Model
IFBB Academy International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. Join the Family.

As continued to investigate the ownership of registered names, Jim Manion is in no way related to the registration of IFBB Professional League (Owned by Eric Weider) or the IFBB Pro League (Owned by the IFBB).

Jim Manion’s plan to dissociate himself from the word ‘IFBB’ looks to be coming a reality in the future.

Regarding marketing, Manion will surely try to keep hanging on to the name ‘IFBB’ as much as possible since many in the industry still use it frequently.

Basically, when it comes to using the name IFBB Professional League, Manion was at the mercy of Eric Weider. So, it was a natural process for Manion making preparations to change the name.

When the IFBB Professional League was still active in Canada, they tried to register the ‘Figurative’ wording of ‘IFBB Professional League’, but this was opposed:

The pending trade mark application for ‘IFBB Professional League’s has been examined by the Office and was published for opposition, at which time one or more oppositions were filed but they have not yet been decided.

Another important situation that is taking place is the movements in Australia.

It seems that Tony Doherty is refraining from using the words ‘IFBB’ on his latest social media posts and as well on his official Australia Professional League website.

In regards to the Arnold Sports Festival Australia, Doherty is just inserting the logo of the Arnold Sports Festival and eliminating the ‘IFBB’ wording.

These movements are in relation to legal matters with using the name ‘IFBB’ in connection to the IFBB and IFBB President Rafael Santonja.

This seems to be happening in other countries around the world and especially Europe.

It’s time to implement NPC Pro League

Contrary to want a number of people think in the industry, especially the NPC and NPC Worldwide, Kevin Grech, the owner of has nothing against Jim Manion. is a website that covers all the news and will not hide due to pressure in regards maybe not being offered a press pass to a major competition or a company refusing to advertise in regards to our articles.

Actually after the split in 2017, we did not expect the NPC Worldwide to grow so fast.

Getting back to the name NPC Pro League or NPC Professional League, it is time for Jim Manion to make the transition when he is still growing internationally.

The NPC is already using NPC Worldwide, so why not continue making everything work together and not continue to confuse athletes.

It has been two years of explaining to athletes each day, the difference between the NPC and the IFBB.

The IFBB is member of the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) and recognized by the Association of Pan American Sport Federations (PanAm Sports), the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), and the Association of National Olympic African Committees (ANOCA).

Bodybuilding and Fitness are Olympic Medalist sports in several Regional Games as the Central American Games, South American Games, Asian Beach Games, Bolivarian Games and Beach Games, the Pan American Games, World Power Games, and it’s celebrating its recent inclusion in the Central American and Caribbean Games.

IFBB is Signatory to the World Anti-Doping Code and member of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE), the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee, the International Council of Coach Education (ICCE) and the International World Games Association (IWGA), among many other prestigious international institutions.

Jim Manion’s NPC, NPC Worldwide and Pro League are not associated with any of these organizations. So how can they use the IFBB name for their company?

Nobody is going to take the Olympia Weekend away from the NPC and the Pro League.

All their current amateur and pro athletes will immediately associate themselves to the NPC Pro League if they had to change the name. They are already associated with NPC Worldwide.

Jim Manion knows well that Ben Weider before he passed away recommended Dr Rafael Santonja to be elected President of the IFBB and he was unanimously.

Manion has had the NPC as an affiliate to the IFBB and he was in charge of the IFBB Professional League at the time.

But after the split, the NPC and IFBB went their separate ways, and Manion obviously continued to expand the NPC and he took over the Professional League.

With the split, the IFBB went the other way and so did the name.

Jim Manion knew what was coming and that is why he registered National Physique Committee Pro League, NPC Worldwide and NPC PRO.

The documents below show Jim Manion’s ownership of various NPC names, the documents of IFBB Professional League’s dissolution and as well IFBB’s ownership of the IFBB Pro League name.

These documents are available via the European Union Intellectual Property Office and United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Ben Weider (RIP) recommends Dr. Rafael Santonja to be President of the IFBB. He was then voted as President unanimously.

Jim Manion’s latest video

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