Fans of Hadi Choopan Think He Could Be The G.O.A.T. of Men’s 212

Fans of Hadi Choopan Think He Could Be The G.O.A.T. of Men’s 212

Hadi Choopan is a truly amazing sportsman of the Men’s 212 Physique division. The bodybuilder is a great example of how successful the correct combination of great gens and a strong mindset of a winner is.

The Iranian sportsman has already reached some impressive results taking part in the Olympia contest before. However, his career can be destroyed due to some political issues and a travel ban.

Unfortunately, some changes in the US policy make it impossible for Iranian people to visit the country. Hadi ‘The Iranian Wolf’ Choopan whose biggest dream is to be present at the Olympia stage is one of those who suffer from the changes in the US policy.

The sportsman told he was going to find a way to be in the USA for another competition, however, it looks like there’s no success till now. There’s a great risk that the travel ban can destroy the hopes of the successful bodybuilder.

At the same time, the situation of Hadi attracts a lot of attention and support. Both sports fans and Choopan’s colleagues support him and are trying to help. Moreover, there are many people who call Hadi Choopan the future Olympia winner and a sportsman with insanely great potential.

The offseason is closer to its end and now sportsmen are worried about their future performances on the bodybuilding stage. However, Hadi has one more reason to worry. He still has a hope to come back at the Olympia stage soon and tries all possible legal ways for solving his problem.

His fans and sports experts who watch how hard the sportsman work to look great say he has chances to become the first G.O.A.T. sportsman in the Men’s 212 division. Perhaps, the only obstacle for that is the travel ban that stops the Iranian sportsman from being an Olympia contestant.

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