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FEATURED ARTICLE: 3 Ways to Shock Your Arms into Growth

FEATURED ARTICLE: 3 Ways to Shock Your Arms into Growth.

“How many inches are your arms?”

Arms are the most visible muscle group in a vest or t-shirt, hence why many people prioritize their biceps and triceps over other muscle groups.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who’s still idolized by bodybuilders today, arguably built the greatest biceps bodybuilding has ever seen; inspiring millions across the world to do bicep curls.

This has even led to people doing crazy 8 hour arm workouts in a bid to desperately fulfill their genetic potential.

But what happens when your arms stop growing and they hit a stubborn plateau? These 3 tips will help you to continue shocking your arms into growth.

Increase Training Volume

Training arms for more than 1 hour, twice per week is overtraining right? Not quite.

Pros have trained their arms and other muscles for several hours straight, with amazing results.

Arnold Schwarzenegger hailed Bill Pettis as having “the biggest arms I’ve ever seen” – with them rumored to having measured 23 1/4 inches. Bill was known to train arms for as long as 6 hours a day.

Also there was the famous ‘one day arm cure’, first mentioned in classic bodybuilding magazines, which essentially was an 8 hour arm workout. Charles Poliquin and Rich Piana made this protocol even more popular in recent times, with gym rats all over the world doing this marathon arm workout – in a bid to gain HALF an inch to their arms. Many who have tried this workout have reported it being successful, with the gains also staying long-term.

The message here is: you don’t need to train your arms for excessive periods of time, especially if your schedule doesn’t permit this. However, by increasing the volume and time under tension on your arms – you’re likely to see bigger gains.

Train With a Thick Bar

Training with a rubber attachment, such as Fat Gripz (which makes the dumbbell/barbell thicker) can also shock your arms into growth. This will require greater forearm grip, thus increasing the contraction of the biceps/triceps.

Users report bigger pumps than usual, with increased forearm/arm hypertrophy and strength, after adding Fat Gripz to their workouts for several weeks/months.

Slow Reps

By taking your ego out the gym and lowering the weight, users can perform slow reps to build bigger arms. A common ‘slow rep’ protocol is to lift for 3 seconds during the concentric portion of the movement, then 3 seconds during the eccentric portion.

Studies have shown this method to produce 3x greater muscle gains, compared to a normal lifting tempo of 1 second up, 1 second down.

The theory why super slow reps are so effective, is due to it tripling the muscles’ time under tension.

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