FEATURED ARTICLE: Buying Bodybuilding Supplements Online? Stay Safe with These 4 Tips

FEATURED ARTICLE: Buying Bodybuilding Supplements Online? Stay Safe with These 4 Tips.

The bodybuilding supplements market is abundant. There are thousands of products available to try. You can’t drive for too long without seeing a GNC or other similar brand name supplement store on a street corner. However, most bodybuilders are buying in bulk online.

According to Grand View Research, the online supplement industry has received a major increase in revenue since 2018 due to users’ fast-paced lifestyles. The same source reports that online sales will continue to increase due to discounts, discussion portals, and a combination of other promotional strategies.

While some brands want to help you achieve results, others are just in it for the money. These deceitful companies are often difficult to spot, as they can have compelling marketing techniques that make them appear legit.

You must be a conscientious buyer if you’re going to be buying bodybuilding supplements online. Check out these 4 tips to avoid giving your money to an illegitimate online bodybuilding supplement company.

1) Steer Clear of Extreme Claims

When you’re on a goal to bulk up, it can be tempting to give into claims like:

Obtain the strength of an Olympic athlete!

Double the size of your biceps in 2 weeks!

Pack on 15 pounds of pure muscle in 10 days!

Illegitimate bodybuilding companies will make outrageous claims to sell their products. Whether these claims take the form of vague statements or promises of unrealistic results, you need to be wary. There’s often no scientific evidence to back up the claims.

Even if there are studies that support their marketing, you need to make sure they originate from a reputable source. The studies should come from neutral third-party laboratories rather than for-profit agencies that may receive compensation for positive claims about a company’s product.

2) Check the Legitimacy of the Company’s Phone Number

Attentive consumers like you can avoid fraudulent bodybuilding supplement companies with this simple tip. Some fake businesses will add an invalid phone number to their websites to feign legitimacy.

Don’t be left wondering if the phone number you can see is legit. Use to check the origin of any questionable phone number. You can also see what other users of the site have to say about who the phone number really belongs to.

3) See What Other Consumers Are Saying

Perform online research of the company you want to purchase from:

  • Have they been mentioned in online reviews?
  • Are the reviews positive, negative, or mixed?
  • Have serious health consequences or a general lack of results been reported?

Consider everything that consumers have been saying about the company and its products. If the company hasn’t been mentioned much by the online community, this could also be a bad sign.

4) Don’t Purchase a Subscription Deal

Unless you are familiar with the product you’re purchasing, don’t enter into a subscription deal. You don’t want to be stuck paying for something you don’t want. Deceitful companies may lock you in with fine print and unreasonable terms, which may make it difficult to cancel shipments and your entire subscription in the future.

If you want to try a supplement, make sure it’s from a reputable company by implementing these steps. Once you’ve tested it out on its own, you can consider purchasing a subscription.

Always Remain a Skeptical Buyer

While you may be eager to achieve your fitness goals, always remain a skeptical buyer. Don’t fall victim to companies hoping to make a quick buck. Failing to check a supplement company’s legitimacy will not only cause you to waste money, but you’ll also fall behind on your fitness and bodybuilding goals.

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