FEATURED ARTICLE: Your Starter Pack for Great Abs

FEATURED ARTICLE: Your Starter Pack for Great Abs.

In the world of bodybuilding, it is essential to have chiseled abs, but it’s not always an easy thing to achieve. The truth is you aren’t going to get results by sticking with old habits.

You need to combine a healthy diet and varied exercise routine to achieve and to maintain a defined body. That tummy can be the most difficult to tone but focus on it, and you will meet your goals.

Many schools of thought have different ideas about what approaches create the best results. We have distilled a few diet and exercise fundamentals to get you started.

Food First

Ditch the Processed Food

Whether it’s your fast food restaurant hamburgers or processed home meals, these foods aren’t healthy. They’re full of artificial flavorings, sodium, and chemicals that damage the body, which leads to weight gain and even premature aging.

Eating processed carbs such as pastries and pasta is also a nutritional nightmare if you are looking to create a perfect six-pack. It messes with your blood sugar, causing you to get hungrier. Try eating whole grains like couscous, brown rice, and barley instead.

Even if you indulge now and again, poor eating decisions will impact your results.

Eat Lots of Fiber and Protein

Eating more high-fiber foods like veggies, nuts, seeds, and fruit, as well as high-protein foods like chicken, eggs, fish, and legumes will help you to achieve toned abs. The fiber helps you feel fuller for more extended periods and assists gut function. Protein helps to repair and build muscle, rather than carbs that can pack on fat.

By consuming more of these two food groups rather than less healthy ones, you can achieve a leaner look before you go near the gym.

You can also make use of food supplements and shakes to boost muscle mass, but it is advisable to consult with an expert about what is the best and safest product for you individually.

Drink Enough Water

You may not realize just how vital keeping hydrated is. It is an essential part of keeping your cells and organs operating optimally, and it even boosts your metabolism.

Studies show drinking water can also decrease hunger cravings, which helps increase weight loss. Additionally, drinking water before meals can increase weight loss by up to 44%. The more fat you shed, the more your perfectly chiseled abs can emerge.

Everyone is different, but you should drink eight glasses, or one to two liters of water a day.


Take a Crack at High-Intensity Training

This type of workout combines periods of intense activity interspersed with time to recover intermittently. The training has proven to result in a high percentage of weight loss and muscle build.

This exercise creates an ‘afterburn,’ which means you will still be burning calories hours after a workout. Research shows having more muscle mass also increases calorie burn while the body is at rest.

You can alternate between a walk and a sprint for 20 to 30 seconds each to start. You can add in some strength exercises in between as you get stronger.

Work Those Abs

To tone your tummy, you will need to do some targeted exercises. You can do exercises like stomach crunches, plank pose, or flutter kicks, to mention a few. You can also make use of ab machines at the gym, such as the Ab Crunch Machine.

You should do increasingly challenging abdominal exercises nearly every day for the best results.

Last Thoughts

As you can see, there is more to getting a defined stomach than doing a few exercises – it’s about your overall health and lifestyle. A routine that includes a proper diet and focused physical activity is the key.

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