Flex Wheeler Told What He Wished He Knew Before Taking Bodybuilding as His Career

Flex Wheeler Told What He Wished He Knew Before Taking Bodybuilding as His Career

Flex Wheeler is not an often guest of different interviews and sports events nowadays. He likes to be far from the crowd. It looks like Flex is just enjoying his simple life. However, it doesn’t mean that Flex has nothing to say to the younger generation of sportsmen.

Flex Wheeler is a talented and very successful bodybuilder. He went a long way from a beginner with no knowledge and no great support to someone who can be easily called a living legend of the sport.

Was this way easy? Flex doesn’t think so. He is proud of all the work and time he devoted to becoming what he is today. However, looking back, he can easily say how painful and stressful it was to stay among the sport’s leaders sometimes.

Would Flex deny the idea to become a professional bodybuilder if he knew what the bodybuilding career was years ago? Definitely no. Wheeler believes that the sport is his destiny and one of the greatest and most important things in his life. However, he told there are things that would be nice to know when he had been young and ambitious starting his way to the top.

It’s impossible to turn the time back and to return to the past, taking the knowledge and experience with you, but it’s possible to share your knowledge with younger colleagues, making them avoid your mistakes and many difficulties. That’s exactly what the great bodybuilder did.

Recently, Flex Wheeler gave an interview to Fazi Fitness. He was very honest, sincere, and opened. Flex surprised his fans with lots of useful tips and recommendations. The bodybuilder also told what he wished he knew years ago before starting his bodybuilding career.


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