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HERE’S WHAT WENT DOWN AT MR OLYMPIA 2016 Age | Height | Weight | Bio | Images | Workouts and Diet Plans



LOCATION: Orleans Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, USA
DATES: 15 -18th September, 2016

Katya Elise Henry – Ready for DAY 2! Come over to the EHP Labs booth and say hi
Rich Piana Mr Olympia 2016
Rich Piana – A group shot of us at the 5%er booth we had over 60 athletes and had an incredibly awesome time!! I want to thank everyone for coming out and representing and remember we are all in this together like a big family My message to everyone is keep Killin it, stay positive and let’s make our dreams a reality!!
Ariana James Arjamoon Mr olympia 2016
Ariana James – Mr Olympia day Los espero hoy en el booth #718 de
Hattie Boydle Mr Olympia 2016
Hattie Boydle – laying with the Brazilians Signing off the Olympia weekend with Wet Republic pool party!
Cassandra Martin Mr Olympia 2016
Cassandra Martin at Mr Olympia 2016
The Rock Dwayne Johnson Mr Olympia 2016
The Rock Dwayne Johnson – Vegas. Crazy day of biz then back to Hawaii to shoot. Here’s the breakdown..
Shoot our Seven Bucks Prod’s CNN ORIGINAL SERIES Soundtracks.
Shoot our Rock The Promo finale and crown a new champion of the microphone.
Receive the Joe Weider ICON AWARD onstage at MR. OLYMPIA 2016. Huge honor.
I have one job today. Smell good. Smile. Don’t screw up. Technically that’s three jobs. Screwed up already.
Let’s do this.
Ana Cheri Mr Olympia 2016
Ana Cheri – Come see us at EHPlabs booth 560 at Mr Olympia 2016!!
Paige Hathaway Mr Olympia 2016
Paige Hathaway – PLEASE READ BELOW!!!
Do you feel like you’re missing something?
…that your life was meant for more and your greatest potential hasn’t been reached yet? Do you have bigger dreams, goals and aspirations for yourself? Do you envision something else with your life? I always hear people talk about the things they want to achieve, but the question is, how bad do YOU truly want it? This dream you dream of is right under your finger tips, so what’s stopping you from starting? What’s holding you back from achieving you’re wildest desires? Maybe you feel although your goals are “stupid” or maybe you wouldn’t be able to achieve these dream you dream of… But then again wouldn’t you rather fail on the pursuant instead of not pursuing them at all. To know that you’ve tried your best and followed your heart. No matter the outcome – promise yourself to have no regrets. Take what you’ve just read in this very moment and let those thoughts fill your mind. “What if” it doesn’t workout.. Ahhh but “what If” it does.
Gracyanne Barbosa Jeff Seid Mr Olympia 2016
Gracyanne Barbosa – At The Olympia meeting with the athlete Jeff Seid
Jeff Seid Mr Olympia 2016
Jeff Seid – Definitely the most mass I’ve brought to the stage! The goal was to come in as full as possible and I achieved that goal. I’m content with this physique but always room for improvement
Lauren Drain Mr Olympia 2016 Paige Hathaway
Lauren Drain – About the other night… Paige Hathaway
Sergi Constance Mr Olympia 2016
Sergi Constance – Crazy 1st day at Mr. Olympia expo!! I will be tomorrow with all the 1up nutrition from 1 pm – 4 pm, i wait for you
Bradley Martyn Mr Olympia 2016 Jay Cutler
Steve Cook Mr Olympia 2016
Steve Cook – Until next time You Stay classy (ish) Las Vegas!! It ain’t easy being cheesy!
Yarishna Ayala Mr Olympia 2016 Eva Andressa
Yarishna Ayala – With my brazilian girl Evan Andressa
Eva Andressa Mr Olympia 2016 Gracyanne Barbosa
Eva Andressa – Bom dia! Gracyanna Barbosa
Sadik Hadzovic Mr Olympia 2016
Sadik Hadzovic – Sometimes to be a great winner you must first learn how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday!
Calum von Moger Mr Olympia 2016
Calum von Moger – Congrats to the big fella Josh Lenartowicz another koala freak from AUS!
Larissa Reis Mr Olympia 2016
Larissa Reis – The face you make when you think you are a super hero or a cartoon
Jeremy Buendia Mr Olympia 2016
Jeremy Buendia – I came here with a purpose. Mad respect to these amazing competitors by my side Jeremy Potvin & my good friend Jason Poston
Narmin Assria Mr Olympia 2016
Narmin Assria – The best moment of my entire lifeeeeee!!! I met my biggest man crush ever ??? my life is officially complete The Rock Mr Olympia 2016
Ashley Kaltwasser Mr Olympia 2016
Ashley Kaltwasser – Earned the 4th place medal at the Mr Olympia 2016 Bikini Olympia! It’s hard to be sad when I’m just so grateful…In fact, I’m on cloud 9. To even share the stage with 42 of the worlds most beautifully fit ladies is an win in itself. I’ve had a great 3 years defending my Ms Bikini Olympia title & I’ve accomplished more than I could have ever dreamt of. Thank you everyone for your support! It means the world to me. I’ll be back next year.
Tatiana Girardi Mr Olympia 2016
Tatiana Girardi Mr Olympia 2016
Hope Beel Mr Olympia 2016
Hope Beel – With these beauties yesterday
Wioletta Pawluk Mr Olympia 2016
Wioletta Pawluk – snapchat: wpawluk
Jon Skywalker Mr Olympia 2016 Tianna G
Jon Skywalker – Tianna G meet my new gf LOL JK but seriously this chick killed it at the Olympia this weekend!! super sexy and a hard worker, honored to have her on our team.
Courtney King Mr Olympia 2016
Courtney King – Mr Olympia 2016 BTS! & yes these are slippers.. Dont judge me YO!
Janet Layug Mr Olympia 2016 Sadik Hadzovic
Janet Layug – Win or lose, we still came out on top. My teammate @sadikhadzovic and I put another great competition Mr Olympia 2016 in the books!
Shannah Baker Mr Olympia 2016 Cassandra Martin Hattie Boydle
Shannah Baker – So many inspirational people! Not to mention I was totally fan girl’ing HARD on Cassandra Martin she is an absolute babe and so down to earth! Also my girl Hattie Boydle looking incredible!!!
Phil Heath Mr Olympia 2016 The Rock
Phil Heath – As you can see how excited I was lol. Haven’t smiled that big since my first Nintendo at age 5 lol. Shout out to the best trainer in the world Hany Rambod. You are clearly my brother my trainer my friend til the wheels fall off. Another shout out goes to The Rock for his support with the Olympia moving forward. We all appreciate your greatness!








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