IFBB Legend Lee Priest Has Perfect Genetics

IFBB Legend Lee Priest Has Perfect Genetics

Lee Priest is one of the proud owners of gods’ physique. And it’s almost impossible to believe that his muscles were that developed already when he was only 17!

“17 years old in Arizona at AAU Mr. Universe I placed 2nd in lightweight which is under 72kg I first met @milossarcev at this show he was competing also.”

Check out how great his physique was at 17!

It’s something incredible when such a young bodybuilder has such massive and layered muscles! Everyone imagines amazing arms, abs, and overall physiques when hearing about Lee Priest. In the times when Priest competed, 212 division category didn’t exist yet and since his height is just 5’4, so bigger and taller athletes prevailed over him. He didn’t look less impressive though.

Lee Priest started his bodybuilding competition career in Australia in 1986. That year, he won three competitions, including 1986 schoolboys classic Sydney, 1986 schoolboys Newcastle Hunter Valley, and 1986 schoolboys State Championships. Can you believe he won his first competition when he was 13?

After that, he won 1989 WPF Mr. Australia and the 1989 IFBB Australia Championships along with other big competitions. Despite his great genetics, he never got to the top of the bodybuilding. He has placed only 6th place in 1997, 2000, and 2002 at Mr. Olympia.

However, Priest had some more big wins, including the IFBB Australia Grand Prix in 2005, IFBB Ironman Pro in 2006, and IFBB NABBA Mr. Universe in 2013.

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