Isaac Qavidel Was Diagnosed With Sarcoma Cancer

Isaac Qavidel Was Diagnosed With Sarcoma Cancer

Isaac Qavidel a promising sportsman of Iranian origin is diagnosed with sarcoma cancer. The sportsman that has always amazed the sports society with his great physique and excellent stage performances has started to have some health issues a few months ago.

Soon after getting to the hospital, Isaac was told he had cancer. Doctors discovered a huge tumor in the brain of the bodybuilder.

Doctors told that the immediate operation could be the only chance to save Isaac’s life. The sportsman has just had his first brain surgery. According to the doctors’ report, the operation was quite successful and a part of Isaac’s tumor was removed.

However, very soon Isaac may need at least two more surgeries and an extra therapy to remove the rest of the tumor and to prevent further development of the disease.

Unfortunately, Qavidel has no medical insurance that could cover spends on surgeries and medical treatment. That is the reason that forced Isaac to ask his friends and fans to help him.

Anybody can support Isaac donating any sum of money using Go Fund Me site’s service. The case has already attracted a lot of attention. Many colleagues of Isaac donated some money and asked their fans to help the Iranian sportsman.

Isaac has a great support and a great chance to go through his real-life nightmare successfully. However, the situation keeps being critical and very urgent.

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سلام به همه هموطنان عزيز در صفحه اينستاگرام آقاي اسحاق قويدل، هموطنان خارج از كشور براي ارسال هداياي نقديشون جهت درمان قهرمان خوب ايران زمين مي توانند از طريق لينكي كه در بيو اينستاگرام ايشون درج شده اقدامات لازم رو جهت كمك به آغاز مراحل شيمي درماني و پرتو درماني ايشان انجام دهند. ممنونم از موج عظيمي كه براي حمايت قهرمانتون به راه انداختيد. آدمين موقت پيج اسحاق قويدل: دانيل كيومرثي @ @. Hello all dear friends Friends Who living abroad and want to send their cash gifts can take action through a link inserted in bio of his instagram page to help Isaac begin his chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Thanks for this huge movement to support your champion Temporary admin of Isaac Qavidel page: Daniel Qmarsi

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