Jay Cutler Supports the Idea of The Classic Physique Division

Jay Cutler Supports the Idea of The Classic Physique Division

It can be a surprising fact that bodybuilding as a type of sport has been known for even more than two centuries. The sport is not as young as many may think, however, it has faced a lot of changes recently.

One of such changes is a creation of the Classic Physique division and including it into the official program of competitions of the highest level. In fact, the division got its official status only after 2012.

However, even after getting the official status, the division itself and the sportsmen that represent it have been often criticized. For example, a few weeks ago one of the greatest bodybuilders in the world and a former Mr. Olympia Phil Heath told that he doesn’t see a point of putting the division in the same row with Men’s Physique.

However, there are also some popular sportsmen who support the new division and its sportsmen. One of them is Jay Cutler – the sport’s legend and a former winner of the Olympia competition.

Cutler tells that he supports the existing of the division and he likes that the division has finally got its official status and has become recognized. According to one of his latest interviews, Cutler respects those sportsmen that represent the division and doesn’t think that they deserve less fame of attention than the sportsmen of the Men’s Physique division.

Unlike many of his colleagues, including Phil Heath, Jay Cutler is very interested in the competitions of those sportsmen who belong to the division.

However, Cutler also thinks that the interest to the division is going to decrease soon. Unlike, Men’s Physique that keeps being popular for decades and popularity of which is only growing, Classic Physique is in the risk of being forgotten soon after its official formation.

Jay Cutler also thinks that the organization of the Classic Physique division may need some changes to stay popular and to attract great sportsmen and more attention of the auditory.


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