Jay Cutler Told How Life of Shawn Rhoden May Change

Jay Cutler Told How Life of Shawn Rhoden May Change

Jay Cutler won the title of Mr. Olympia 4 times. That is a great result for a bodybuilder. However, Jay says that fame and popularity are not the only things that come together with the Olympia crown.

The life of a winner changes dramatically and those changes are not only positive. Jay thinks that being on the top leads to feeling the great presser from the sports society, fans, haters and even friends.

Jay shared his own experience, telling that after his victory there were many people who wanted to introduce and to become his friends. However, he could never be sure if those people were his real friends or were attracted by his status only. Moreover, the pressure may influence some close people of the champion and his family members.

Those bodybuilders who say that the victory changes nothing are not really sincere. Jay believes that victory changes everything. And there’s an important reason to believe him: he had this experience in his life.

If you win once, you are expected to win every time you appear on the Olympia stage. Even if you become the second one, what is obviously a great result, you feel like a loser. This feeling is very dangerous and may destroy the life and confidence, may kill your desire to work hard and to continue your career.

Jay tells that the situation is something that may be familiar or will become familiar to the current Olympia champion Shawn Rhoden. The great sportsman managed to win the competition after years of being just an average participant. This unbelievable success was really shocking to many people, including Shawn himself. However, what may happen later?

Cutler thinks that any sportsman that is eager to win the Olympia competition shall get used to an idea that the victory is not just an endless celebration, there are many things that can make the winner upset.

Will Shawn Rhoden face the same things that Cutler spoke about? Will he cope with the pressure that a winner may feel? These things may become clear very soon! However, there’s also a hope that Rhoden will have a kind of different experience!


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