Larry Wheels is an Illustrative Example of How a Diet Can Change Man’s Body!

Larry Wheels is an Illustrative Example of How a Diet Can Change Man’s Body!

Powerlifting and bodybuilding are absolutely different kinds of sport. However, it happens that many people are confused between some aspects of these sports. Moreover, even some sportsmen make some common mistakes taking the wrong approach in training or choosing a wrong diet.

There are some similarities between the two types of sports that make people confused. Both bodybuilders and powerlifters exercise with heavy weights and spend hours in a gym, the basic exercises for both sports are visually the same. Moreover, even the sports stars that are the main ambassadors of their sports among people may look similar (especially during the offseason when bodybuilders can gain some extra weight and look more massive and less shredded than on the stage).

However, the similarity between these sports is only the top of the iceberg. In fact, there are less common features that one can even think about. While powerlifting is aimed at developing the muscle power, the bodybuilding is aimed at making one’s body look aesthetically beautiful and strong.

Basic exercises of sports are the same. However, what means more than the type of exercise is a number of sets and weights that are used during the training. If to go deep into these details, the difference between training approaches of the sportsmen may look really obvious.

However, the aims of the sports and the exercises that allow reaching them are not the only features for telling the sports apart. The diet and some principles of nutrition are far not the same for bodybuilders and powerlifters.

Representatives of the two sports shall eat a lot of proteins and avoid getting too much calories that are not going to be burned. However, there are much more differences than similarities in the food of bodybuilders and powerlifters.

Some sportsmen, like Larry Wheels, are trying to build a successful career both in bodybuilding and powerlifting. According to his goals, Larry can switch from a diet of a powerlifter to a bodybuilder’s nutrition. And if one thinks there is no great difference, it’s enough just to look at the sportsman during different periods of his sports career.

A few months ago, Larry was taking part in a powerlifting competition. For sure, he was greatly prepared and looked sporty and strong. However, his current program is aimed at preparing for an upcoming bodybuilding contest. Being an experienced sportsman, Wheels changed his training program and his nutrition plan as well. He needed just a couple of weeks to make a transformation visible. And it’s just a beginning!

Do you still hesitate that a wise approach of training and nutrition is not really necessary? Do you still believe that if you just eat well and train hard, you can look like a bodybuilding star? Look at the transformation of the sportsman and you will understand that great knowledge of the sport’s principles is the key that brings success!


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