LOOKING BACK: 1997 IFBB Grand Prix Hungary – Kevin Levrone wins

LOOKING BACK: 1997 IFBB Grand Prix Hungary – Kevin Levrone wins.

It is a quiet time in the bodybuilding industry as he go into the 2020 competition season.

During this time, it is great to look back on the past and relive the great bodybuilding contests and feature the legendary athletes.

In this feature, we take a look at the great Kevin Levrone.

Kevin Levrone in 1997 was one of the best athletes in the IFBB.

From nine pro competitions, Kevin won six of them, dominating the European Tour.

Levrone bounced back from a disappointing eighth place finish at the 1997 Arnold Classic to immediately go on a unbeaten streak of five wins.

After a very successful European Tour, Kevin ended up finishing fourth at the 1997 Mr. Olympia.

After 1997, Kevin would concentrate on placing better at the Mr. Olympia while competing less during the contest season. The results showed as Kevin was a consistent second and third place finisher.

At the 1997 IFBB Hungary Grand Prix, Kevin defeated the much bigger Nasser El Sonbaty.

Naser would end up finishing second at the 1997 Mr. Olympia, a controversial decision that is still discussed today. Many believe Nasser should have defeated Dorian Yates.

Third place went to one of the ‘Giant Killer’s’ at that time, Lee Priest.

Another interesting placing was Ronnie Coleman’s sixth place. Who would of known that this gentle giant would go on to dominate the Mr. Olympia for eight consecutive years. In 1997, Coleman finished in ninth at the Mr. Olympia, but in 1998 he would go on to dominate the Mr. Olympia for eight years.

A part of Coleman’s success was thanks to some advice he received from Kevin Levrone and Flex Wheeler.

Another interesting fact is after Kevin dominated the 1997 Hungary Grand Prix, a few weeks later, Ronnie Coleman would end up winning the 1997 Russian Grand Prix. Kevin ended up placing second while Nasser finished in third.

1997 IFBB Hungary Grand Prix

1  Kevin Levrone
2  Nasser El Sonbaty
3  Lee Priest
4  Paul Dillett
5  Jean Pierre Fux
6  Ronnie Coleman
7  Milos Sarcev
8  Chris Cormier
9  Vince Taylor
10  Mike Matarazzo
11  Thomas Zechmeister
12  Elek Joba
13  Istvan Kis Horvath
14  Laszlo Kovacs

Kevin Levrone’s 1997 competition season:

Arnold Classic – IFBB, 8th
Grand Prix Czech Republic – IFBB, Winner
Grand Prix England – IFBB, Winner
Grand Prix Finland – IFBB, Winner
Grand Prix Germany – IFBB, Winner
Grand Prix Hungary – IFBB, Winner
Grand Prix Russia – IFBB, 2nd
Grand Prix Spain – IFBB, Winner
Olympia – IFBB, 4th

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