Milos ‘The Mind’ Sarcev looking fantastic at 55

Milos ‘The Mind’ Sarcev looking fantastic at 55.

Milos ‘The Mind’ Sarcev had one of the most aesthetic physiques on the history of the sport.

The perfect example of size and symmetry was Milos Sarcev.

Milos was also one of the best posers and till today, the majority of bodybuilders cannot come close to Milos’ perfect transition between each pose.

Milos Sarcev competed against the best of the best and it can be said that he had to go against some of the best bodybuilders that ever stepped on the professional bodybuilding stage.

In his retirement, Milos continued to train athletes and organize seminars all over the world.

Milos has finally resettled in the USA and he is continuing to train some of the best amateur and professional athletes in the world.

At the age of 55, many professional bodybuilders basically call it quits, but for Milos, the word ‘quit’ does not exist.

Today, Milos published a photo of himself on his official social media and he looks fantastic and practically ready to step on stage again.

With his photo, Milos published a inspiring message:

You CAN.
If you really want something you already know – you can get it/accomplish it … and if you work hard at it undoubtedly it will happen. Of course you might run into some adversities, issues, problems, obstacles…that are nothing but a little bumps on the road – that you simply must go through them.
For several years I was disinterested to get back in shape…saying “why would I need that?” (To be in great physical shape, strong and healthy 🤔….hmmmm?) and applied numerous other justifications I learned from the famous Book of all Excuses.
But then it hit me that is really only up to me to make a difference…and I decided to get in this kind of shape at the age of 55…
And I did it.
So can you.
Loose this f-ing book, don’t look for million reasons WHY NOT but to that one oh so important why you SHOULD.
Age is the number.
Planning, dedication, consistency, effort and hard work always pay-off…especially when you are intelligent and true to yourself.Milos Sarcev
#milossarcev #noexcuses #ageisanumber

milos-sarcev-2019-August Milos ‘The Mind’ Sarcev looking fantastic at 55

milos-sarcev-inistagram-august-2019 Milos ‘The Mind’ Sarcev looking fantastic at 55

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