New champions crowned at the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships

New champions crowned at the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships 1

New champions crowned at the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships.

The 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships was the place to be to see history being made with the IFBB and the IFBB Elite Pro.

It was the goal for every Elite Pro athletes to qualify for this prestigious event that crowns the best Elite Pro athlete in the world.

The beautiful venue in Tarragona Spain added excitement to this wonderful event. The fantastic Palau Firel I De Congressos of Tarragona has second century and modern day architecture designed together to make it a beautiful experience.

The IFBB Elite Pro World Championships had numerous divisions; Men’s Open Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Men’s Classic Physique, Women’s Bikini Fitness, Women’s Body Fitness, Women’s Wellness Fitness, Women’s Physique and Women’s Fitness.

The champions of 2018 made the trip to try to defend their titles against their determined competition.

The event produced some shocking results with some of the most dominant champions in the Elite Pro League losing their titles on the day.

In the popular open class bodybuilding division, Michal Križo Križáne, the 2018 champion lost his title to Poland’s Szymon Lada. Not only did Michal lose his title, but he was relegated down to fourth place.

Michal was not as sharp as last year and this cost him dearly.

Second place went to Ukraine’s Volodymyr Byruk. Volodymyr is another fantastic athlete improving at each competition. He will surely continue to be a contender for the top title at every show.

The big result of the evening was Mika Sihvonen’s third place result. Mike won the 2018 90kg Elite Pro World Championships and moved up to the open class. Just a few weeks earlier, Mika placed a solid second against Michal Krizo at the 2019 Arnold Classic Europe. This close decision pushed Mika to challenge Mika at the World Championships.

Mika edged past Michal who ended up placing fourth while at the same time losing his title.

Michal Križo Križánek was the biggest on stage, but he was not the sharpest and this cost him dearly with the judges.

Fifth place went to the young athlete Lorenzo Leeuwe from the Netherlands. At only 24, Lorenzo has a great future in front of him in this sport. Combining size and condition, Lorenzo could eventually dominate the sport for years to come.

New champions crowned at the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships 2

In other divisions, Dmytro Horobets came back to defend his title and win his second Men’s Physique IFBB Elite Pro World Championship.

Dmytro is one of the most successful athletes in the Elite Pro division as he has won every contest he competed in as a pro.

The condition of Dmytro is hard to match as he always brings perfect condition to the stage.

Second place went to UK’s Abies Nosa. The winner of the 2019 Arnold Classic Europe is looking to be the one that pushes Dmytro at every contest they compete together in.

Third place went to the young Portuguese athlete Cristiano Marinho. A fantastic result for Cristiano who improved vastly after the 2019 Arnold Classic Europe.

Fourth and fifth went to Daniel Garrido of Spain and Dennis Johansen of Norway.

The Classic Physique division was another historical event.

Poland’s Marcel Przyszlak slowly climbed the ranks with consistent results to arrive in Spain and eventually be crowned the 2019 Men’s Classic Physique Elite Pro World Champion.

Marcel could not hide his excitement when announced the winner of this prestigious title.

Russia’s Denis Romanov placed in second. Denis also showed great classic conditioned and the title could of easily went both ways.

Third place went to fan favorite Aristide Mbomni from Germany. Aristide is another very consistent athlete withing the Elite Pro League. His great physique and fantastic posing routines are always a favorite with the fans.

The 2019 Arnold Classic Europe winner, Serhii Danilets had to settle for fourth place. He did not present the same sharp conditioning as at the Arnold Classic Europe just over a month ago.

Finally fifth place went to Poland’s Tomasz Marzec.

In the Bikini division, Melina Keltaniemi defended her title to win the Bikini Fitness Elite Pro Championship for the second successive year.

As with all Bikini divisions, it is a nightmare of a task for the judges to pick the top five athletes.

The shocking result was one of the years most successful athlete, Yana Kuznetsova finishing in fifth place. Yana is fresh from winning the 2019 Arnold Classic Europe and was a favorite to win the World Championship.

Brazil’s Angela Borges continued her dominant winning streak to win and defend her Elite Pro World Championship title in the Wellness division.

Angela was a favorite going into the show, but the new talent also made it hard for the judges to decide who would life the title.

Finland’s Evelina Tistelgren defeated 2018 defending champion Oksana Orobets to win her first IFBB Fitness Elite Pro World Championship title. This is a great division that combines a very complex routines with the usual compulsory poses.

Finally, Michaela Kohutova from the Czech Republic defended her title to win the Women’s Physique World Championship.

This was not a easy task as all the women arrived with great muscle balance and make it hard for the judges to pick the winner.

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New champions crowned at the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships 3


Bodybuilding open TOP 5:
1. Szymon Lada, Poland
2. Volodymyr Byruk, Ukraine
3. Mika Sihvonen, Finland
4. Michal Krizanek, Slovakia
5. Lorenzo Leeuwe, the Netherlands

Men’s physique TOP 5:
1. Dmytro Horobets, Ukraine
2. Abies Nosa, United Kingdom
3. Hélder Marinho, Portugal
4. Daniel Garrido, Spain
5. Dennis Johansen, Norway

Classic physique TOP 5:
1. Marcel Marcin Przyszlak, Poland
2. Denis Romanov, Russia
3. Aristide Mbomni, Germany
4. Serhii Danilets, Ukraine
5. Tomasz Marzec, Poland

Bikini fitness TOP 5:
1. Melina Keltaniemi, Finland
2. Oksana Bryhidyr, Ukraine
3. Ramona Žiauberyté, Lithuania
4. Shelby Neves, South Africa
5. Yana Kuznetsova, Russia

Wellness fitness TOP 5:
1. Angela Borges, Brazil
2. Elba Viola, Dominican Republic
3. Lexy Oliver, Italy
4. Angie Karrer, Switzerland
5. Urania Politis, Greece

1. Evelina Tistelgren, Finland
2. Oksana Orobets, Ukraine
3. Nikolett Szabo , Hungary
4. Eva Banikova, Slovakia

Women’s Physique Top 5

1. Michaela Kohutova, Czech Republic
2. Nataliia Dichkovska, Ukraine
3. Maudienne Profas, Saint Marteen
4. Lorreine Lafleur, Bahamas
5. Ade Bishop, United Kingdom

New champions crowned at the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships 4

New champions crowned at the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships 5

New champions crowned at the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships 6

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