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Organization alleges Schwarzenegger “Poisoned kids with steroids for decades”

Schwarzenegger Poisoned kids

Organization alleges Schwarzenegger “Poisoned kids with steroids for decades”.

In the the last week, has started to promote the Arnold Classic series of events as it does every year.

In 2019, we start with the 2019 Arnold Classic USA. published a series of articles celebrating the 31 years of the event that takes place in the United States.

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As many have enjoyed reading the history about the sport, a certain organization from Philadelphia has decided to label as a “Worship page for Schwarzenegger as he is the No.1 on the list of steroid monsters”.

Yes, we worship Arnold Schwarzenegger, just as we worship Sylvester Stallone, Dwayne Johnson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and numerous other successful people. What do all these people have in common? They started from nothing, just as this website did!

The owner, Al Thompson, of this so-called organization called “Protect our Youth From Steroids” has decided, without any research whatsoever, or even contacting us, has alleged we are  “Promoting the use of Steroids”.

Al Thompson not only labeled , but he has a full blown campaign against Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Arnold Classic Events. Without mentioning any other bodybuilding promoter in the USA.

Now, with every article we post on Twitter, Al Thompson replies with posters suggesting that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the No.1 problem for steroid use in America.

Not only that, Thompson associates the Arnold Classic Ohio with “Steroids, Prostitution, Drug Dealers and Steroid-Themed Booths”.

As well, what is shocking, Al Thompson tries to impress with photos of American government officials on all his posters and he has also released a YouTube video that explains in detail everything that he is alleging.

Mr. Al Thompson’s YouTube video has some misleading facts. Again, he did not do his research and just tries to impress people with the fact that he knows a person that has a seat the parliament with the American Government.

The big mistake that Al Thompson has made in his video is that he mentioned the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) as a organization that promotes the use of steroids or do nothing do stop people for using steroids. He also mentions a number of other institutions such as:

  • World’s Strongest Man – Owned by IMG
  • Arnold Sports Festival
  • Arnold CLassic
  • Arnold Fitness Expo
  • Arnold Strongman Classic
  • Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championship
  • North American Strongman
  • United States Strongman
  • International Powerlifting Association (IPA)
  • starting Strongman
  • Westside Barbell
  • Joe Weider Enterprise
  • International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness
  • American Strongman corporation
  • oOlympia strongman challenge
  • Sngman champions league

What Al Thompson fails to publish is that almost EVERY sport in the world has a problem with drug use, from the Olympics all the way down to playing golf. We can name every federation and association and all with have a problem with drugs in sport.

Another big mistake by Al. Thompson is that he just decided to throw in the IFBB in the list.

IFBB is only official representative of bodybuilding to be recognized by world sport authorities.

Mr. Thompson failed to mention that the IFBB have been drug testing since 1986 and since 2004 is a signatory of the WADA (World Anti-Doping Association) code.

The IFBB reserves the right to target test any athlete.

The IFBB are on record of suspending a number of athletes that failed doping tests.

Participating National Federations have a duty and an obligation to ensure that their athletes are competing drug-free for the IFBB international contests.

The IFBB is a founding member of the International World Games Association (IWGA) and also a member of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE), the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee, and the International Council of Coach Education (ICCE). The IFBB is recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa, the Association of Pan-American Sport Federations (ACODEPA). The IFBB is also recognized by some 90 National Olympic Committees. The IFBB participates in several Regional Games recognized by the IOC including the Southeast Asian Games, the Asian Games, the South American Games, the Asian Beach Games, the Arab Games, the Pacific Games, the African Games, and the World Games. The IFBB has also participated at the Central American Games.

As well the IFBB is affiliated with over 190 National Federations.

When Mr. Thompson mentioned the IFBB, he put everything in one basket.

The IFBB is not associated with the NPC (National Physique Committee) or the IFBB Pro League. These two entities and their president have split with the IFBB since 2017.

The NPC and the IFBB Pro League sanction the Arnold Classic USA and not the IFBB.

The IFBB and IFBB Pro League might use the same name ‘IFBB’, but they are two totally different entities.

Mr. Thompson literally just decided to throw the name IFBB in the list without doing any research on the subject.

As well, naming as a site/company that promotes the use of steroids is totally wrong and idiotic.

If Mr. Thompson did his homework, he would have read through the website of and read a number of articles that we published. It would have given him a lot of answers. has never promoted the use of steroids. Steroids have their advantages when used under medical supervision when needed, but again have never promoted the use of steroids for recreational use.

We have been offered large amounts of money to promote steroid brands by companies, but we refused all of them.

This site promotes the sport of bodybuilding and fitness, just as any other site promotes sports.

So if a site supports the Tour de France, NFL ,FIFA, etc, are they supporting steroid use as well? We don’t think so!

We are very curious if Arnold Schwarzenegger will take any steps against Al Thompson for the very worrying allegations and the total attack on the Arnold Classic events run by himself and the Lorimer family.

Al Thompson failed to indicate that the Arnold Classic series of events cater to hundreds of different sporting disciplines to encourage children to keep active and try new things.

Al Thompson failed to indicate that Arnold is a leader in involving children with special needs to participate in sports and activities.

Al Thompson failed to mention all the other websites and YouTube channels that really promote steroid use openly. There are so many, but again he did not do his research.

Al Thompson seems to have a problem only with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He failed to mention all the other bodybuilding shows that take place in America such as the Mr. Olympia, that is owned by David Pecker’s AMI and sanctioned by the NPC/IFBB Pro League and not the IFBB.

Could it be that David Pecker is a handful for Mr. Al Thompson? is he scared Mr. Pecker will bite back? Could this all be politically motivated?

Of all the websites in the world, he picked a website ( that does not promote the use of steroids, in fact it is against the use of steroids.

We have been to the Arnold Classic events and we have never seen a steroid sold, prostitution or any other ridiculous activities that he has mentioned.

Mr. Thompson has picked on the wrong website, as he has all his facts wrong and we will just continue to make him look ridiculous.

Editor’s note:

Mr Al Thompson, I don’t care that you are standing behind Pennsylvania State Representative Joe Hacket in your photos and videos. I don’t live in the USA and I am not an American citizen. You failed to contact us before you alleged we are promoting steroids. I believe the American government has bigger problems to take care of. You are involving this site in a American political battle that we do not care for.

Again, get your facts right!

Organization alleges Schwarzenegger “Poisoned kids with steroids for decades” 1

Poster published by Al. Thompson on his Twitter page @oursteroids


Organization alleges Schwarzenegger “Poisoned kids with steroids for decades” 2

Poster published by Al. Thompson on his Twitter page @oursteroids


Organization alleges Schwarzenegger “Poisoned kids with steroids for decades” 3 Organization alleges Schwarzenegger “Poisoned kids with steroids for decades” 4

This is the video published by Al. Thompson with a number on incorrect allegations.

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