Phil Heath is Sure He Will Win 2019 Olympia

Phil Heath is Sure He Will Win 2019 Olympia

Phil Heath managed to win the Olympia crown seven years in a row. However, his long reign was interrupted in 2018. The new winner and the main pretender for the first place in 2019 Shawn Rhoden amazed the jury of the contest with his incredible physique and posing skills. Moreover, many sports critics told that Phil looked worse and less concentrated than before.

In any case, Phil Heath had no chance to get the first place in 2018. He finished the competition being second and he definitely was not happy about that.

The most trending question that raised right after the 2018 competition was whether Phil would leave the professional sport or would return the champion title in 2019. The ex-champion appeared very emotional after his loss.

His fans thought that they would not see their favorite sportsman on the Olympia stage anymore. Moreover, wife of Phil published a message that could be interpreted as Phil’s desire to finish his career. However, soon the situation changed.

Wife of Phil Heath deleted the message and a few days after the sportsman posted some videos and photos, showing that he was ready to continue his hard work and training to improve his physique.

Now, there are no doubts that Phil is taking part in the upcoming Olympia competition. However, many sports experts tell that this time competition will be easy for no one. The battle for the Olympia crown is going to be very hot and interesting and no one can tell exactly what the result of it will be.

However, it looks like there’s one participant that is more confident than others. Phil Heath shared a video message advising everyone to prepare for the 2019 Olympia competition. Unfortunately, the sportsman didn’t speak much, however, his fans have no doubts that this message means that Phil is ready to return his title this year.

We offer you to watch the video and to make your own conclusion about that!

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