Powerlifter Vlad Alhazov Squats 1157lbs Raw with Wraps

Powerlifter Vlad Alhazov Squats 1157lbs Raw with Wraps

Earlier this year, Vlad Alhaziv squatted 1157 lb. Alhazov didn’t make anyone wait long and showed a great performance on December 23rd. This time, he back squatted 1157lbs raw and in wraps in a real-life competition. Check out his video below.

Powerlifter opened at 1 025lbs, moved to 1 124lbs for his second attempt. His lift at 1157lbs became a world record for raw plus wraps and exceeded the current single-ply world record.

Recall that Alhazov held the IPS world record for the equipped squat with 1250lbs. Unfortunately, he suffered a terrible knee injury during his attempt to squat 1 300lbs at the Westside Barbell training ten years ago. Alhazov underwent a full knee reconstruction and it wasn’t clear whether he will be able to lift ever again.

Already in July 2017, Alhazov became the first to squat 1102lbs raw and in wraps. This meant his return to the sport’s elite. Since then, Vlad keeps showing great results.

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