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PRODUCT REVIEW: Ab Cuts Enhanced

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Ab Cuts Enhanced.

Ab Cuts Enhanced is a weight loss supplement designed to support your goals.

The front label of the supplement says clearly “CLA belly fat formula.” Indicating that CLA is the foundational ingredient in this supplement.

It’s supposed to help you:

  • Lose weight safely
  • Achieve body composition goals
  • Trim fat around the belly

At the first glance, the formula appears very safe, which means there should be no side effects. But can this fat burner hold up to scrutiny? Let’s see in our Ab Cuts Enhanced review.

Pros and Cons

If you live an active lifestyle, you’ll want to supply your body with adequate nutrients. These include not only vitamins and minerals, but also essential fatty acids such as omega-3s. This is where Ab Cuts Enhanced excels at – it provides a general health and wellness support.

But don’t expect any results in the mirror with this supplement. It simply lacks the fundamental ingredients to have any effect on your weight.


  • Supports your immune system, libido, and hormones
  • Great general health supplement


  • No reliable or proven fat burning ingredients
  • Missing Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea extract, and almost all other key fat burners
  • CLA is too weak to have any visible effect on its own

Who Makes Ab Cuts Enhanced

We’ve done quite a few supplement reviews over the years, and we rarely weren’t able to find adequate information about the company on their website. Unfortunately, such is the case with Ab Cuts Enhanced. While they do have a website, you’ll have a hard time finding any concrete piece of information about the company itself. Instead, it’s all mostly marketing and big headlines about their products.

How it Works

Before we go any further, it’s important to know what fat burners like Ab Cuts Enhanced can do for you. If you aren’t familiar with these supplements, they’re essentially safe and natural products designed to support your fitness goals.

They’re not steroids or magical pills. They will not turn you into a ripped superhero overnight. But with enough work on your side, a good fat burner will make things a little easier for you – helping you cut back fat faster.


As for Ab Cuts Enhanced, it claims to help you with:

  • Body composition – look more toned, have less fat
  • Performance & health – feel and look great and have a vibrant health

If you’ve familiarized yourself with fat burners before, then you’re aware that most of them make very promising claims. But when it comes to their results, you might find yourself a little disappointed.

That said, there are some truly impressive fat burners that will give you results that you want. The question is, is Ab Cuts Enhanced one of them?

PRODUCT REVIEW: Ab Cuts Enhanced 1


Ab Cuts Enhanced has only one ingredient that modestly promotes fat loss – CLA. The rest are all general health ingredients.

Sure, they’ll help with your wellness, but then why is this supplement categorized as a fat burner? We have no idea!

Vitamin D

Vitamin D supports pretty much all aspects of your wellness. From your hormones, the immune system to mood, it’s one of the most important supplements you can take. Especially when you consider that many of us are vitamin D deficient. (1, 2)

While taking a vitamin D pill certainly won’t make you lose weight all on its own. It’s still a great ingredient to have in almost any supplement, including a fat burner.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and antioxidant. We like that it’s included in this product because it helps with general health, and if you’re in good health overall, chances are you’ll also look better too. If you’re under a lot of stress, vitamin E can help. It supports the adrenals and reduces cell oxidation caused by free radicals. (3)

However, if you were wondering, there are no direct fat loss benefits you’ll experience from this ingredient. So while it’s a good addition to Ab Cuts Enhanced, there are more suitable ingredients to directly target your weight loss.


CLA or conjugated linoleic acid are a group of chemicals that are thought to help with fat loss. While CLA does seem to have an effect, it’s not very strong. Again, we’d much rather see a proven ingredient in its place here. (4)

Fish Oil (34% EPA, 24% DHA)

This is yet another ingredient that’s aimed at your general health and wellness. We’re starting to wonder if Ab Cuts Enhanced is actually a fat burner or some sort of a health supplement. Because so far, the ingredients aren’t convincing at all. Don’t get us wrong; fish oil is great. But there’s a time and place for this kind of ingredient, and that’s certainly not within a fat burner. (5)

Flax Seed Oil

Flax seed oil contains several fatty acids, including omega-3s. It also helps with estrogen balance. Great if you’re a female. Then again, there’s nothing about it that would make us impressed. Like many other ingredients in Ab Cuts Enhanced, flax seed oil is not a real fat burner.

Refined Avocado Oil

Not only is avocado oil ineffective for fat loss (or else top fat burners would use it), it also comes in a refined form in Ab Cuts Enhanced. A science-backed ingredient like green tea extract or cayenne pepper would be a much better option here.

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Anything Missing?

Almost everything good is missing from Ab Cuts Enhanced. None of our favorite ingredients have made it to their formula. These include:

  • Garcinia Cambogia – suppresses your appetite by raising serotonin levels in the brain. As a bonus of higher serotonin, your mood is likely to be better too. (6)
  • Green Tea – contains powerful catechins which increase your norepinephrine. This tells your metabolism it’s time to get into action and burn more calories. (7)
  • Cayenne Pepper – Another potent thermogenic compound that boosts your fat loss. (8)

Ab Cuts Enhanced has no appetite suppressants, it has no real fat burners, it even doesn’t have a thermogenic. You have to ask yourself, is this supplement a fat burner or not? We don’t think it is.

How to Take (Dosage)

You can take up to 4 soft gels of Ab Cuts Enhanced daily. For best results, the label recommends splitting the dosage into 2 capsules, twice per day. We suggest doing the same as this will keep the nutrients circulating in your system for longer.

You can take it both with or without meals. Whatever is more convenient for you.

Side Effects

There should be no side effects from taking Ab Cuts Enhanced. You should only make sure to stick to the recommended dosage, and not exceed it. Some people think that taking more capsules will lead to faster results. In reality, this can only lead to more side effects.

Our suggestion is to take it slow. The road to fat loss isn’t easy or fast. But with a little patience, hard work, and a good fat burner, you’ll get there.

You can see our current top 3 fat burners reviewed here.

Does Ab Cuts Enhanced Work?

Depending on what ‘work’ means for you. Ab Cuts Enhanced can be either a good, or terrible supplement.

This supplement does work, but not for fat loss. It will only support your general health and wellness.

If you’re looking to shed that stubborn weight around the belly, you’ll need a better supplement with proven ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Customers are fairly happy with the safety of Ab Cuts Enhanced. As we explained, the ingredients come in good doses, making them easy on your body.

That said, some users were disappointed with the lack of results from the product. Which was expected. One user simply stated, “doesn’t work as expected.”

Some users claimed that Ab Cuts Enhanced is flavorless and easy to swallow. Another person said they like the simplicity of this supplement, but after taking it for a month, they didn’t experience much of a difference.


Ab Cuts Enhanced is available to buy in both online and retail stores. Depending on where you buy it, the cost can vary significantly.

That said, it retails at $29.99 at most online sites and health stores.

Is Ab Cuts Enhanced Good Value For Money?

The answer to this question is fairly subjective. Some users are only looking for general health and wellness support – for them, Ab Cuts Enhanced will be a good value for money. For others who’re serious about fat loss, an investment in a product like Ab Cuts Enhanced will likely be wasted money.

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Ab Cuts Enhanced is marketed as a weight loss formula that will help you with your goals. It contains omega-3s in the form of ALA, EPA, and DHA, along with vitamin D, vitamin E, avocado oil, and most notably, CLA.

CLA is the only ingredient in this product that has some fat loss effects. Other ingredients are not typically included in fat burners, simply because they don’t work.

The lack of appetite suppressants, thermogenics such as green tea extract, and other key ingredients means this product is all but a fat burner.

The good news is, there are heaps of good weight loss supplements out there, and with a little research, you can find the one that will work for you.



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