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PRODUCT REVIEW: BPI Sports Catalyst 4

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PRODUCT REVIEW: BPI Sports Catalyst 4.

BPI Sports Catalyst 4 is a fat burner and cognitive enhancer designed to help you look great and feel motivated to achieve your goals.

It promotes:

  • Fat burning effects
  • Sharper focus
  • Energy

The design looks sleek and premium, but are the ingredients up to par? And should you worry about any side effects? This BPI Sports Catalyst 4 review offers some answers.

Pros and Cons

The Catalyst 4 formula is incomplete. With just 4 ingredients, it’s not strong enough to help you drop pounds; you’ll need a more potent fat burner to achieve that.


  • High-quality ingredients
  • Caffeine helps to increase your metabolic rate
  • Full transparency of the formula


  • Incomplete ingredient profile
  • Theacrine has weak fat loss effects, at best
  • Missing a stronger appetite suppressant and thermogenic

Who Makes Catalyst 4

BPI Sports are sports & fitness company that offers dietary supplements, workout plans, and various other products. Based in the USA, they’ve been around for a while now. It’s clear they’re a serious brand, which makes us even more keen to do this BPi Sports Catalyst 4 review.


Claimed to help you:

  • Burn fat and lighten your weigh-in
  • Increase focus
  • Boost energy

It’s clear this fat burner didn’t stop at just helping you shed excess fat. It also appears to help your cognitive abilities like focus, which can be great for your workouts and daily tasks.

We like that this supplement goes against the grain of traditional fat burners by claiming these benefits. Let’s see if it can walk the talk, though.

PRODUCT REVIEW: BPI Sports Catalyst 4 1

Ingredients in BPI Sports Catalyst 4

There are only 4 ingredients in BPI Sports Catalyst 4; hence the name of the supplement. Not super creative, not super strong either.

We were genuinely disappointed because there’s massive untapped potential with this fat burner. The formula starts great with ingredients like Alpha GPC and caffeine. But it lacks more firepower to be able to compete with current top fat burners.

Will it help your cognitive performance? Yes, you should feel more focused when taking this supplement. But can it burn off your belly fat? We’re afraid not!

Although it’s worth mentioning that this product doesn’t use any proprietary blends, which is great. This means that you can at least see what you’re paying for.

Alpha GPC 50%

Alpha GPC is a source of choline. An essential nutrient, choline is food for your brain cells. It stimulates the production of acetylcholine, a brain chemical that governs your memory, thinking, and cognition. (1)

Alpha GPC is a highly absorbable form of choline which can easily cross your blood-brain barrier. Once in the brain, it sharpens your focus, memory, word recall, and other cognitive functions.

All of this sounds great, however, Alpha GPC is not the best ingredient for shaving fat off your body.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is one of the most potent natural fat burners out there. It reduces your appetite and food cravings, stimulates feel-good brain chemicals like dopamine, and increases your metabolic rate. All of these benefits will help you look good and feel great. The only concern is if you suffer from caffeine sensitivity, in which case you’d want to steer clear of this ingredient. With the dosage of 200mg, it could push your tolerance limit if you’re sensitive. (2)


N-Methyliberine is supposed to help you feel energized and promote your overall wellness. However, it’s the first time we’ve seen this ingredient in a fat burner. Since most supplements don’t use it, and there’s a lack of science behind its benefits, we think it’s not an overly convincing ingredient.


Theacrine works similarly to caffeine when it comes to boosting your energy levels. It doesn’t share the fat loss effects, though. While Theacrine may help you push out a few extra reps in the gym, it will not directly stimulate your metabolism or help you lose fat. (3)

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Anything Missing?

BPI Sports Catalyst 4 is missing 2 key ingredients: a thermogenic and an appetite suppressant.

  • Currently, green tea extract is one of the best natural thermogenics on the market. (4)

Not only does it shave off weight, it also reduces your food cravings.

  • As for an appetite suppressant, the best one right now is Garcinia Cambogia. (5)

Only a handful of fat burners have taken advantage of Garcinia’s fat loss benefits. This natural ingredient will curb your hunger and put you in a better mood, all by raising your serotonin levels.

How to Take (Dosage)

According to the label of BPI Sports Catalyst 4, take 2 capsules upon waking up on an empty stomach. And that’s about it!

Be sure not to exceed the dosage though, it’s something many people try to to do thinking they will get faster results. The dosage instructions are there for a reason; you don’t want to cause yourself negative side effects by not adhering to them.

Since there are 60 capsules in one bottle of BPI Sports Catalyst 4, it will last you one whole month.

Side Effects

The only issue with supplements like BPI Sports Catalyst 4 is the use of stimulants. Caffeine, for example, can cause side effects like:

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety and panic episodes
  • Racing heart
  • Insomnia

These side effects of caffeine can only occur if:

  1. You’re intolerant to caffeine, or
  2. You pushed your caffeine intake above your daily tolerance limit

Catalyst 4 has 200mg of caffeine per serving. You’ll want to make sure you aren’t drinking a lot of regular coffee on top of that if you’re sensitive.

But if you tolerate caffeine well, then you shouldn’t have any worries about the side effects.

Customer Reviews

There’s a lack of quality customer reviews on BPI Sports Catalyst 4 online. It appears that it isn’t sold on third party sites like Amazon as of writing this article.


It depends on where you buy it, but the average price for BPI Sports Catalyst 4 online is $39.99 for one bottle. Handily, some 3rd party sites offer free shipping for this product. Which could shave off a few bucks from your cart total.

Is BPI Sports Catalyst 4 Good Value For Money?

You’d think that an answer to this question is straightforward, but that’s not the case here. Catalyst 4 is an odd supplement; it uses some great ingredients but there are only 4 of them in total. The formula feels incomplete, and as a result, we think it’s not the best value for money, or the best fat burner available.


With all of the above in mind, should you buy BPI Sports Catalyst 4 fat burner?

We think not. It’s missing an appetite suppressant and thermogenic like green tea. It also has only 4 ingredients. The overall formula seems too weak to help you lose fat.

One thing that this supplement may help you with is focus and cognition, thanks to Alpha GPC and caffeine.

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