PRODUCT REVIEW: High T Black Testosterone Booster

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PRODUCT REVIEW: High T Black Testosterone Booster

High T Black Testosterone Booster uses ingredients that should help you make more testosterone naturally, along with boosting your strength, libido, drive, and motivation.

High T Black is deigned to help you:

  • Reduce fatigue and boost concentration
  • Sustain and increase free test levels
  • Improve recovery

It’s clear that this supplement is aimed at men in their prime and beyond, to help them better cope with daily stresses.

However, we were disappointed to see a proprietary blend included in High T Black Testosterone Booster. Will this hinder its effectiveness?

Find out the answer below, along with the list of benefits, side effects, dosage instructions, and more.

Pros and Cons

Here we have an overview of all the key things you should know about High T Black Testosterone Booster.

If you want to have a quick look into what’s good and what’s bad about this supplement, this section will help you decide whether it’s the right product for you.


  • Contains some patented ingredients
  • Improves blood flow for better erections
  • Caffeine helps with focus and energy


  • Uses proprietary blends to hide ingredient doses
  • Zinc dose is too low and ineffective
  • Missing proven test boosters such as magnesium and vitamin D

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About the Company

High T is a supplement company that creates products that mostly revolve around boosting male performance and health.

They claim to adhere to the highest quality standards and only produce natural supplements.

They even offer High T on their official website to try for free. You just pay the shipping for the 30-day supply. However, the price of ‘shipping’ is unusually high.

If we’re being honest, we aren’t that convinced by this. There’s very little information about the company on the official website. We as customers would certainly appreciate knowing a little bit more about those that we’re buying from.

That said, we do appreciate that the company has well-known athletes and bodybuilders as sponsors, including Xavisus Gayden, an American IFBB Pro.


As you age, your testosterone levels will inevitably start to decline.

But when you add stress, poor diet, and other lifestyle factors on top of this, your testosterone can really take a hit. Which can manifest as low energy levels, poor recovery, and lackluster performances in your day to day life.

Fret not though. A high quality testosterone booster can be the key to maintaining your strength, energy, wellness, and vitality well into old age.

High T Black apparently helps with just that; helping to reduce the negative effects of aging on your testosterone. It claims to help you with:


  • Mental and Physical Energy
  • Motivation & Drive
  • Recovery
  • Testosterone production

Now, this is all great to see of course. But, we’re aware that this is the marketing material of the supplement.

The actual formula is what will tell us what kind of benefits you can expect from this testosterone booster.

So let’s have a look:


Ingredients in High T Black include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and some natural herbs that boost your libido and blood flow.

This ingredient formula isn’t bad. But it’s definitely not the best either. The main problem is proprietary blends which High T uses to hide the ingredient doses.

Some pointless ingredients are also included in High T – they have no benefits for testosterone whatsoever.

See for yourself:

high t black testosterone booster ingredients

Vitamin E

An antioxidant that supports cardiovascular health.

Vitamin E is a good ingredient for men, especially for those past their 40s. After this age, problems with energy and cardiovascular health can start to appear. Vitamin E helps by protecting your body from oxidative stress, along with promoting your heart health. Vitamin E is not the best testosterone booster though! (1)

Vitamin B6

Some small benefits for your body, but ineffective if you already get it through your diet.

Vitamin B6 helps with certain things. It may boost your cognition and thinking, along with stimulating your testes to produce natural levels of testosterone. However, vitamin B6 alone is not that impressive at promoting your T. In fact, unless you’re deficient in this vitamin from eating a junk diet, you’ll hardly notice any benefit from it. (2)

Vitamin B12

Supports neurological health and many other processes in your body.

Vitamin B12 is not really a test booster, but it most definitely is critical for your overall health. This water-soluble nutrient helps your body make red blood cells which carry oxygen all over your body. This in turn impacts pretty much all areas of your health, including test production. We like this choice, but it’s the same story as with B6. Basically, you won’t get much out of B12 supplementation if you already eat foods that contain it. (3)


Helps to prevent loss of testosterone, unfortunately, the dose in High T is way too low.

Zinc is a mineral that helps your body do a variety of tasks. From testosterone production to nerve and immune system regulation. What’s more, low zinc is shown to cause a drop in testosterone levels. On the flip side, getting enough zinc is shown to prevents drops in testosterone from stress or heavy exercise. It’s sad that High T Black has 1.5mg of zinc per serving, though. This is only 10% of your daily need for this mineral. (4)

Raspberry Ketones

Ineffective when taken orally in a capsule.

We were surprised to see raspberry ketones in a testosterone booster. You’ll more often see this ingredient in fat burners, due to its supposed weight-loss benefits. However, when you dig deeper into the science, you quickly realize that Raspberry Ketones are ineffective when taken orally. (5)

Caffeine Anhydrous

A stimulant that boosts energy and focus.

This is another surprising choice in High T Black. While caffeine is a great ingredient to see in a pre workout or fat burner, it’s not the best choice for a testosterone booster. (6) The worst part is that caffeine can make you jittery and anxious in high doses. High T Black uses 200mg of caffeine per serving, which can be too much if you’re intolerant.

High T Black Proprietary Blend

This is the first proprietary blend in High T Black. It aims to help you with energy and natural testosterone production. However, since it’s a proprietary blend, you can’t tell the dosages of the ingredients in it, and by extension: you can’t tell whether these ingredients work or not.

  • Fenugreek Seed Extract – Sacrifices DHT (another important male hormone) to maintain more testosterone in your body. (7)
  • Eurycoma Longifolia – Also known as LongJack, this ingredient is a great libido booster. (8)
  • Rhodiola Rosea – This is an adaptogenic herb that is known to boost mental energy, focus, and resilience to stress. Rhodiola has no effects on testosterone though. (9)
  • Tribulus Terrestris – Once a popular ingredient but now slowly getting phased out of many test boosters. Simply because this ingredient doesn’t boost your male hormone. At best, it can support your libido and prostate health. (10)

Nitric Oxide Booster Blend

Nitric oxide is a compound in your body that widens blood vessels and promotes blood flow.

By boosting natural nitric oxide levels, you’ll have bigger muscle pumps in the gym as well as potentially enhanced erections.

However, this blend has nothing to do with testosterone. Which is a bit disappointing. Not to mention that it’s the same story with the ingredient dosages which aren’t shown here. So you don’t know if these ingredients even work.

  • Arginine – Might have some benefits on blood flow, but it’s not very reliable. (11)
  • L-Citrulline Malate – This is a much better choice than arginine. Citrulline naturally turns to arginine in your body, which in turn raises nitric oxide levels and promotes healthier blood flow. (12)
  • Beta-Alanine – This is pre workout ingredient that is known to cause paresthesia; a harmless side effect where you feel tingles all over your body. The feeling is much like when you arrive in a warm place after being in freezing cold weather. You’ll either love it or hate it. (13)

Not What You Were Looking For?

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Anything Missing?

As we were doing this High T Black Testosterone Booster review, we noticed a few of our favorite T-boosting ingredients missing.

They include:

  • Magnesium – It’s shown to increase both free and total T levels in our body, along with improving energy and muscle contraction. (14)
  • Vitamin D – A secosteroid hormone that helps you make more testosterone, along with being very important for libido, energy, and mood too. (15)
  • Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha is an herb that boosts all aspects of your health as a man, including strength, vitality, libido, and resilience to stress. (16)
  • Boron – A trace mineral that shows promise when it comes to raising your anabolic hormones, improving bone health, and helping with cognitive well-being. (17)

Dosage Directions

The dosage directions for High T Black Testosterone booster are 4 capsules with water, once per day. The label suggests following a regular exercise plan along with a healthy diet for the best results. You should also be careful not to take more than 6 capsules per day to avoid side effects.

High T Black Side Effects

Many of the ingredients in High T Black Testosterone Booster are safe by themselves and shouldn’t cause any side effects. That said, this supplement does hide ingredient dosages in proprietary blends, which makes it impossible to asses their safety.

One of the side effects of fenugreek supplementation is that you’ll potentially have lower DHT levels. This is because fenugreek blocks the conversion of testosterone to DHT. This can put your hormones out of balance, which isn’t a good thing; you need both DHT and testosterone for optimal masculine health. You can see our top-rated testosterone booster here.

Price And Value For Money?

The price of High T Black Testosterone booster differs from site to site. Generally, it’s somewhere around $50-60 for 38 servings. Considering that it helps you with certain things, High T Black is not terrible value for money – but it’s not the best either.

It will help you with libido and maybe even your cardiovascular health. But you get the feeling that this isn’t good enough reason to fork over $60 dollars for it.

Conclusion on High T Black Testosterone Booster Review

This brings us to the end of our High T Black Testosterone Booster review.

If you’ve read all the way through, you know that this product uses some great ingredients. Such as zinc, Rhodiola, and LongJack.

But many of these ingredients are either underdosed, or have their dosages hidden in a proprietary blend.

If you want an effective and reliable testosterone booster, then we suggest doing some more research. After all, $60 is no small sum of money for a test booster. Only the most effective men’s health enhancers can justify such a premium investment; check our current top pick by clicking on the image below.

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