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From MuscleTech comes Test HD, a testosterone booster that helps you:

  • Raise free testosterone levels
  • Enhance total T levels
  • Support mitochondria by enhancing ATP and energy production

Featuring 7 different ingredients, including Shilajit and zinc, it uses no proprietary blends and has a relatively safe formula.

Some ingredients are a little on the light side, though. This makes you wonder, is it strong enough to ramp up your male hormone?

We’ll give you the lowdown of its ingredients, side effects, benefits, and more in this MuscleTech Test HD review. Then you can decide for yourself.

Pros and Cons

Considering that it costs only around $19 on Amazon, MuscleTech Test HD is a good supplement.

It helps to raise your motivation, energy, and focus in the gym. It may even prevent loss of testosterone thanks to zinc.

But its effects on testosterone aren’t comparable to those of the current top-rated test boosters. Mind you, neither they should be. This is as good as it gets for this kind of price.


  • Shilajit and Mucuna will raise your energy levels and motivation
  • Supports libido
  • Zinc prevents drops in testosterone from heavy exercise
  • Economic price


  • Missing vitamin D, magnesium, and some other essential test boosters
  • Underdosed boron
  • Stinging Nettle doesn’t affect testosterone

Our Top Testosterone Boosters

Who Makes Test HD?

MuscleTech makes Test HD. It’s a respected sports & bodybuilding supplement company that prides itself on “superior science” and “superior results.” They only include ingredients with the latest scientific research supporting their benefits.

MuscleTech has brand ambassadors from all around the world. Customer satisfaction is their number 1 priority. From creatine powders to pre-workouts, they focus exclusively on performance supplements. Test HD is one of their natural male health’s enhancers.

Let’s see what it can do for you.


Many test boosters claim various vague benefits. We’re used to seeing that.

But MuscleTech Test HD took everything a step further.

It claims to raise your free testosterone levels within 7 days. It also promises to boost your total testosterone levels.

The back label also states that certain ingredients in Test HD will raise your energy levels via ATP production.

We like how specific the producers of Muscle Test HD were when describing these benefits.

But are they true?

We’re just about to find out.

Ingredients in MuscleTech Test HD

There are no proprietary blends in Test HD, which means you can see everything on the label.

Except for boron, ingredients come at adequate doses. As a result, you’ll experience their full effects.

There’s a lack of some key ingredients though, which means this supplement is not as potent as it could be.

Have a look:

Muscletech Test HD Ingredients

Zinc Gluconate

A standard ingredient in test boosters, zinc is critical for your body’s ability to produce the male hormone.

But zinc doesn’t just affect how much testosterone you produce. It also prevents your testosterone from plummeting. For example, when you’re under intense stress, be it physical or emotional, your body releases high amounts of cortisol and adrenaline.

When these stress hormones run the show, your testosterone goes down. If you’re always under stress, this could be a problem.

However, zinc is shown to prevent dips in testosterone from stress. Especially from overtraining. A study with elite athletes showed that those who supplemented with zinc maintained their testosterone levels despite experiencing high stress from training. (1)

Tribulus Extract

Tribulus will likely boost your libido and vitality, which may make you feel more energetic in your day to day life. However, some people claim it also increases testosterone levels. It turns out this isn’t true; science doesn’t support its benefits on the male hormone. (2)

Shilajit Extract

We like that MuscleTech Test HD included Shilajit in their formula. Although it’s not as strong as some other ingredients, it does affect testosterone in infertile men. It also helps to slightly increase your energy levels and reduce LDL “bad” cholesterol.

What’s more, Shilajit will also increase your superoxide dismutase. This is one of your body’s primary antioxidants.

It’s more of a general men’s health supplement than a testosterone booster – but it’s still not a terrible choice in Test HD. (3)

Boron Citrate (supplying 5% boron)

Now, boron is a fantastic ingredient. Studies show that it can increase your male hormone when taken in doses higher than 10mg per day. Unfortunately, MuscleTech HD only supplies you with 5mg of active boron. We didn’t find reputable studies which prove that this dose will affect your test levels. (4)

Broccoli Powder

If you don’t have much experience with testosterone boosters, you might wonder what’s the purpose of broccoli powder here.

The answer is simple; broccoli is a source of DIM, which is a natural compound that may reduce your estrogen levels (the female hormone). (5)

What we like the most here, is that MuscleTech didn’t include an isolated and synthetic form of DIM. Instead, they provided it in broccoli, which is a more natural way of obtaining its benefits.

Since it reduces estrogen, DIM can indirectly fuel your testosterone levels. It’s not very strong on its own, but combined with the right ingredients, it packs a punch.

Stinging Nettle Extract

Stinging nettle is often a part of testosterone boosters. While it’s not a harmful ingredient (except being nasty to the touch), it’s not the best one either.

It helps to reduce inflammation and allergies. So if you suffer from any of these, it could help. But we feel there are better choices out there for boosting testosterone. (6)

Velvet Bean Extract

Velvet Bean is another name for Mucuna Pruriens. And it’s one of the best test boosting ingredients out there.

See, Mucuna helps to raise your dopamine brain levels. This increases your focus, motivation, and drive to get things done. If you love training in the gym, you’ll love how Mucuna will enhance your workouts. All of this can indirectly promote your testosterone levels – you’re training harder and pushing your body to produce more of the male hormone. (7)

Not What You Were Looking For?

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Anything Missing?

While we’re generally happy with MuscleTech Test HD’s formula, it still has room to improve.

For example, here are the key ingredients missing from Test HD:

Missing Ingredients

  • Vitamin D – There’s no need to say much about this one; vitamin D is a staple in testosterone boosters. It’s potentially one of the strongest natural test enhancers out there. (8)
  • Magnesium – Helps break your testosterone free from the bind of Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG). In other words, magnesium raises your free testosterone levels. (9)
  • Piperine – Also known as black pepper extract. Piperine enhances your body’s utilization of other ingredients, making them more effective at doing their job. (10)

There’s also the issue with boron. Even though it’s included in Test HD, its dosage is too light. This means it will probably not work for you. That is, unless you’re taking double the recommended dosage of MuscleTech HD, which we wouldn’t suggest due to adverse side effects.

How to Take MuscleTech Test HD

One caplet in the morning, and one in the mid-afternoon. That’s how you take MuscleTech Test HD.

If you’re working out, take the second caplet 30 minutes before your training. This will help to enhance your energy levels and focus thanks to Shilajit and Mucuna.

The label warns you not to exceed more than 2 caplets within 24 hours. And we agree. It’s not smart to play with the dosage thinking you’ll get results faster. You won’t. You can only get adverse side effects.

Always stick to what the label says, and if you have any questions, be sure talk to your doctor.

Test HD Side Effects

The producers of Test HD made it in a way so you can take it safely everyday long-term. Without the need for cycling on and off.

This is a great thing, which means the producers invested in the safety of Test HD.

Looking through the ingredients, we can confirm this. The dosages are safe, and ingredients are mostly natural, which means the risk of any side effects is minimal.

That said, we always encourage our readers to speak to their healthcare professional if they have any doubts or questions!

You can see our top-rated testosterone booster here.

Customer Reviews

MuscleTech Test HD is quite a popular supplement on Amazon. There are over 370 customer reviews on it there, with an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Here are some of the things that users value the most about Test HD:

  • Flavor
  • Easy to take
  • Value for money

On the flip side, here’s what some users feel Test HD could be better at:

  • Men’s health benefits

Overall, most users are happy with this product. They’re aware that the price is on the low-end. As a result, you can’t expect it to deliver the same benefits as top-of-the-line testosterone boosters.

Here’s what some customers said:

“I’ve been taking these for 3 weeks, and I’m pretty happy. It’s nothing crazy, but I did see a difference.” – Austin (Amazon Customer)

“This product was sold super cheap, which was great! However, I did not notice much of a difference in my physique or my drive while on this product.” – Andrew Shaw (Amazon Customer)

“It was okay. Did not get the recovery I was expecting.” – Mike (Amazon Customer)


As we mentioned early in this article, the cost of MuscleTech Test HD is around $18.99 for one bottle on Amazon. Plus shipping depending on where you live.

However, if you choose to buy it on MuscleTech official website, you’ll have to pay $39.99 for the same bottle. Which is a drastic difference in price, and dramatically changes the value for money of this product.

Speaking of which, one bottle of Test HD will provide you with 90 capsules. So if you take the recommended 2 per day, it will last you 6 weeks.

MuscleTech Test HD is available on

Buy on Amazon

Is MuscleTech Test HD Good Value For Money?

Depending on where you get it and for how much, MuscleTech Test HD could be either good or bad value for money.

If you’re able to get in on Amazon for its attractive price of $19, then it’s good value for money. The increase in motivation and perhaps even libido are good enough benefits to justify this kind of price tag.

However, if you’re only able to buy it through the official website, where it costs over 39 dollars, then it’s probably not the best bang for your buck.


One of the promised benefits of MuscleTech Test HD is a boost in free testosterone levels in 7 days.

But can it really help you achieve this?

Probably not. What it does help with though, is your energy, focus, and perhaps even libido. For a supplement in this price range, this is about as good as it gets.

While we’ve seen more effective test boosters out there, MuscleTech Test HD is a reliable option if you aren’t interested in anything stronger right now.

Our Top Testosterone Booster


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