PRODUCT REVIEW: Old School Labs Vintage Boost

PRODUCT REVIEW: Old School Labs Vintage Boost.

From Old School Labs comes Vintage Boost, their top of the line testosterone booster. As it appears, this product aims to boost your testosterone levels – and your overall performance.

The claimed benefits are:

  • Provides a natural testosterone ‘boost’
  • Increases your energy levels

With a formula that includes Maca, DAA, and zinc, Vintage Boost is loaded with ingredients that also support your libido.

But, how effective is it really?

This is the question we set out to answer in this Old School Labs Vintage Boost review, giving you the lowdown of its benefits, side effects and more.

Pros and Cons

This is a quick overview of our Old School Labs Vintage Boost review. Have a look below to find out what’s good and what’s not so good about this supplement.


  • High-quality formula
  • Great for libido and energy
  • Sticks to the basics with vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc


  • Missing a few important T boosters
  • Some ingredients lack evidence for their claimed benefits
  • Not the most effective testosterone formula we’ve seen

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Who Makes Vintage Boost?

Old School Labs is a company started in 2013. The name of the company hints the reason why it was started; “to bring back the classic physique with supplements that make sense.”

Old School Labs is all about helping its users build healthy and fit physiques, just like those that were all the rage during the Golden Era.

Their products aren’t just for bodybuilders though. Whether you’re in your 20s or 70s, chances are Vintage Labs has something that’ll cater to your goals.

The stylish design of their products, as well as the official web page, certainly adds to the premium feel. But as we all know, it’s not just about the pretty face. The results are the most important factor here.

So, can Vintage Boost deliver?

Only one way to find out.


If you’re new to supplements like Vintage Boost, then you may wonder how they work. The answer is, by promoting your body’s natural testosterone production. Some T boosters also reduce the female sex hormone, estrogen.

It’s these effects that lead to benefits you associate with top testosterone boosters:

  • Higher energy & stamina
  • Improved vitality
  • Enhanced performance in and out of the gym
  • Stronger sex drive
  • Faster muscle growth and recovery

It’s expected to see most testosterone boosters claim benefits similar to these. So, how do we differentiate ones that talk the talk, from the ones that walk the walk?

It’s by checking the ingredients.


old school labs vintage boost ingredient facts label

The ingredient formula of Old School Labs Vintage Boost is a solid one.

It starts out great, you’ll notice there are plenty of basic ingredients like zinc and magnesium in there. These are great for not just your testosterone but also other aspects of masculine health too.

Now, is this the best formula out there? We don’t think it is. There are a few big omissions, plus some ingredients don’t work as well as they’re marketed.

See for yourself:

Vitamin D3

Great test boosting ingredient.

A staple ingredient in a supplement like this. Vitamin D3 needed to make testosterone and is found in virtually every cell in your body. When your vitamin D levels are low, you can experience low libido, lack of energy, and poor strength in the gym.

It’s a great ingredient, but Vintage Boost has too little of it unfortunately – 2000IU. Studies show that you need around 3000IU to reap the optimal benefits of this vitamin. (1)

Vitamin B6

Might help if you’re deficient in it.

Vitamin B6 has many small benefits for your body. In terms of testosterone, vitamin B6 works with your Leydig cells to help produce more male hormone. It doesn’t work if you already get enough vitamin B6 through your diet, though. (2)


Raises your free test levels and promotes relaxation.

Magnesium affects everything from nerve health to muscle strength and performance. It also helps your body produce more testosterone. And it helps convert the inert male hormone into free T. (3)


Supports natural T production.

Zinc benefits your test levels in two ways. Firstly, it directly helps your body produce more of this anabolic hormone. Secondly, zinc works to prevent dips in testosterone caused by heavy exercise or stress. Vintage Boost has 10mg of zinc per serving. While this is a safe dose, it might be too weak to have any serious effect on your T levels. (4)

D-Aspartic Acid

Ineffective unless you have seriously low T levels.

This ingredient works for some people, not for others. Specifically, it looks like DAA works best when you have low T levels to begin with. If you’re an active person or already have normal testosterone, then it’s unlikely DAA will help you. (5)

PrimaVie Shilajit Extract

General health support.

Shilajit is a natural material. It contains certain minerals and other nutrients that are good for certain things. Although there are rumors that it boosts testosterone too, these are unfortunately just that – rumors. No scientific basis for them.

Tribulus Fruit Extract

Prostate health support.

Tribulus was a popular ingredient in test boosters back in the day. Now though, supplement companies have started to pull it out of the production. Why?

Because it has weak and unproven effects on testosterone. At best, Tribulus might support your prostate health and libido, but that’s as good as it gets. (6)

Maca Fruit Powder

Libido support.

Long touted as the kind of libido-boosting plants, Maca might spice up your bedroom times. However, not much in regard to testosterone boosting can be said for this ingredient. (7)

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Anything Missing?

If you’re familiar with test boosters, then you might have noticed that there are a few important ingredients missing from Vintage Boost.

Primarily these include:

  • Ashwagandha – reduces stress, boosts physical strength & vitality, and enhances libido.
  • Boron – a mineral that supports natural T production.
  • Mucuna Pruriens – directly raises brain levels of dopamine, a brain chemical that affects your focus and motivation.

Don’t get us wrong; the Vintage Boost formula is far from a bad one. You just can’t shake the feeling that these ingredients would make it much more effective. After all, there’s a reason why the top test boosters use them.

How to Take (Dosage)

There are three phases to follow with Vintage Boost. For the first 7 days (activation phase) take 3 capsules with your dinner.

After this, being the ‘loading phase’ by taking 3 capsules twice per day. Once the 3 weeks have passed (21 days), you can move on to the balancing phase and take 3 capsules once per day again.

For best results, it’s suggested to take Vintage Boost for 60 days, then take a 2-week break.

Side Effects

Before buying any supplements, it’s wise to talk to your doctor to get a confirmation that you’re good to go. That said, Vintage Boost is a fairly safe supplement and we haven’t encountered many users complaining about side effects. The ingredients are solid, formula all-natural, and dosages pretty light (too light in some cases!).


If you’re looking to buy Vintage Boost, one bottle with 126 caps will cost you around $50.

Bear in mind though, you can run out of it pretty quickly if you take more than 3 caps per day.

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Is Old School Labs Vintage Boost Good Value For Money?

It can be if you take just 3 caps per day. If you take more than that, you can run out of pills in as little as 20 days. This would make it a pretty poor value for money in our eyes. If you do a little research, it’s possible to find a test booster that offers a better bang for your buck.

Old School Labs Vintage Boost Review Conclusion

So that concludes our Old School Labs Vintage Boost Review.

It’s a fairly decent test booster. If you want a nice energy boost, stamina and libido enhancement, then this could be the supplement for you.

Is it the most effective test booster we’ve reviewed?

Definitely not. The lack of some key ingredients along with a fairly light formula makes Vintage Boost a solid supplement for libido and energy, but nothing more.

If you want to get your hands on the current top-rated testosterone boosters on the market, be sure to check our guide by clicking on the image below.

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