PRODUCT REVIEW: Reflex Nutrition Thermo Fusion Review

PRODUCT REVIEW: Reflex Nutrition Thermo Fusion Review

Here we have Reflex Nutrition Thermo Fusion up for inspection.

Thermo Fusion may be categorized as a fat burner, but according to the producers, it’s primarily a chromium supplement. Chromium is a trace mineral that helps regulate your blood glucose.

It also features some old-school ingredients such as caffeine and green tea extract, which are always good to see. The question is: will this be enough to trigger the fat loss you’re looking for?

Read on to find out…

Pros and Cons

Reflex Nutrition Thermo Fusion is not an aggressive fat burner, although it does combine caffeine with green tea. This can be too stimulating if you’re intolerant. It’s also missing appetite control ingredients and uses a low-quality form of choline.

Have a look:
  • Uses a high dose of chromium which helps support the metabolism
  • Includes chili extract
  • Reputable company
  • No appetite suppressants
  • Uses a cheap version of choline which doesn’t get absorbed well in the body
  • DL-Phenylalanine is a useless ingredient in a fat burner
  • 12 capsules per day seems a little too much

Who Makes Thermo Fusion

Reflex Nutrition is a sports supplement brand from the UK. They’ve been around since 1996. Throughout the years, they have grown into veterans of the industry. Their key selling point is the quality of their supplements and ingredients. They produce everything in their own facilities, including weight gainers, protein powders, and more.

Thermo Fusion is their flagship fat burner supplement.

Let’s see if it can live up to the expectations.

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According to the producers, these are the advantages of Thermo Fusion fat burner:

  • Supports normal macronutrient metabolism and healthy blood sugar levels
  • Contains green tea extract
  • 160mg of caffeine per serving
  • A combined 1024mg of Carnitine per serving

As you can see, Reflex Nutrition pride themselves on their ingredients and doses. It’s clear this is not an intense or extreme fat burner. It doesn’t claim any outrageous benefits. It simply says it will help you support normal blood sugar levels and metabolism.

But is this enough to help you burn fat?

The ingredients should give us the answer.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Reflex Nutrition Thermo Fusion Review 1


Reflex Nutrition Thermo Fusion uses a number of proven fat loss ingredients, such as caffeine, green tea extract, and cayenne pepper. It also has chromium which is a trace mineral that can help regulate blood sugar. However, it’s missing appetite suppressants such as Garcina Cambogia. If you feel hungry during the day, Thermo Fusion won’t help you reduce the appetite at all. There are also quite a lot of stimulants in this fat burner, which can be a concern for intolerant users. Have a look:

Chromium (100mcg)

Chromium is not your typical ingredient choice in a fat burner. It’s a trace mineral that can help with macronutrient metabolism and stabilize blood glucose. (2) We can see why Reflex Nutrition chose this ingredient; it doesn’t necessarily help with fat loss but it may improve your blood sugar regulation.

L-Carnitine Tartrate (800mg)

L-carnitine is one of those ingredients with a lot of hype but very little evidence that backs it up – at least when it comes to fat loss. (3) Here’s the deal: l-carnitine may speed up fat loss if you’re deficient in this nutrient. But that’s highly unlikely since carnitine is naturally produced by our body and is also found in foods.

DL-Phenylalanine (400mg)

Phenylalanine is an amino acid. It’s similar to carnitine since it’s found in our diet. It’s also similar in that it doesn’t have any fat loss benefits. In fact, Phenylalanine has only been studied for its role in skin disorders, pain, and depression. (1) We aren’t sure why Reflex Nutrition included this ingredient in Thermo Fusion.

Acetyl L-Carnitine (240mg)

Acetyl L-Carnitine is more easily absorbed in your brain than L-Carnitine. But that’s about as good as it gets – it’s not really a fat-burning ingredient, even though the marketing hype wants people to believe it is. Even if Carnitine somehow worked for fat loss, the dosage would be too low; 240mg won’t even give you a cognitive enhancing effect. (3)

Editor’s Pick

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Green Tea Extract (240mg)

Now, this is a great choice by Reflex Nutrition Thermo Fusion. Green tea extract will help you shed fat more easily due to its thermogenic qualities. It stimulates the production of adrenaline, which is a stress hormone. It also heats up your metabolism which forces the body to work harder to bring the core temperature down. This essentially puts you into a stressed state which makes the system burn more calories. (4)

Alpha Lipoic Acid (200mg)

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is an antioxidant that helps reduce oxidation in the body. It’s sometimes used in diabetics for blood sugar control, but in higher doses than the one found in Thermo Fusion. (5) ALA also helps chelate heavy metals such as mercury. But it won’t help you with fat loss in any way whatsoever. (6)

Cayenne Pepper Extract (200mg)

Cayenne pepper is another thermogenic in Thermo Fusion. It kicks your metabolism a little higher forcing it to burn more energy. It won’t make you lose pounds of fat on its own, but with some hard work in the gym, it definitely helps. (7)

Caffeine (160mg)

Caffeine is a stimulant and one of those old-school ingredients in fat burners. While it’s been a staple ingredient in fat burners for many years, caffeine is becoming less and less popular these days. People want safer options, which makes sense. Caffeine can put you in an irritable mood if you’re sensitive to it. Not to mention it raises your heart rate and stimulates stress hormones. (8) That said, if you tolerate it well, then there’s no reason why you should avoid caffeine.

Choline Bitartrate (120mg)

Choline is a nutrient found in foods such as egg yolks. It plays a role in liver and brain health. Choline is essential for the synthesis of acetylcholine, a brain chemical that regulates memory, focus, and cognition. But choline Bitartrate, like the one found in Thermo Fusion, is one of the cheapest forms of choline. It doesn’t cross your blood-brain barrier that easily and is ineffective for fat loss. CDP-Choline or Alpha GPC would be a much better choice here. (9)

Piperine (BioPerine, 5mg)

Piperine won’t boost your fat loss, but it will enhance the absorption of other ingredients in Reflex Nutrition Thermo Fusion. (10, 11) A must-have in a fat burner.

How to Take (Dosage)

One serving of Thermo Fusion is 4 capsules, which is a huge dose.

The producers, however, suggest starting with just 2 capsules before every main meal. Then depending on your tolerance, you can increase up to 4 before main meals.

On workout days, you should take up to 4 capsules, 30 minutes before training.

The producers also warn not to take more than 4 capsules at once or more than 12 capsules a day.

They didn’t say it anywhere, but you should also be cautious of taking Thermo Fusion too late. It’s got plenty of caffeine which will disrupt your sleep if you consume it close to bedtime.

Side Effects

For most people, Reflex Nutrition Thermo Fusion is a safe fat burner.

But if you’re intolerant to high doses of stimulants, or have any pre-existing medical conditions, then it may not be the ideal supplement for you.

The potential issue with this fat burner is caffeine. Thermo Fusion combined an existing 160mg of caffeine per serving with additional caffeine from green tea. These two together will trigger your stress hormones such as adrenaline, which will make your heart pump faster. If you don’t mind these side effects, then this product will work just fine for you. But if you don’t a have high tolerance, this amount of caffeine can cause side effects – especially if you drink coffee or tea on top of that.

You should carefully calculate how much caffeine you consume per day. Then see if adding Thermo Fusion on top of that will push your safe limit. The side effects of having too much caffeine are numerous:

  • High blood pressure
  • Jitters & Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Shallow breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Inability to sleep (insomnia)

Aside from caffeine, Reflex Nutrition Thermo Fusion did a great job when choosing the ingredients. Everything has been tested and proven for safety.

With that said, everyone else has unique body chemistry. Research the product and the effects it may have on you before making any decisions.

Customer Reviews

Many customer reviews on Reflex Nutrition Thermo Fusion are positive. However, most users state that while the product helps them sweat, they had to put in the work in the gym and kitchen to see the results.

See for yourself:

„I purchased this product a month ago. It does work! I am seeing all these reviews that people aren’t seeing any results or that it just doesn’t work. But what people do not understand is that you can’t just take them and see results. Firstly, you have to eat less and more healthy, and actually do physical exercise.“ – Lizzy (Amazon Customer)

„You can actually feel the heat these tablets give off so you have to drink a good amount of water after swallowing it or it feels like your throat is burning. I have absolutely no idea if they are doing what they are meant to however.“ – Maysie (Amazon Customer)

„Honestly, a cheap and reliable fat burner. You’ve got to be consistent with your diet and workouts to notice the difference. You definitely feel the heat. I only take them as a preworkout to sweat more in the gym.“ – Nicholas (Amazon Customer)

„Can’t say I noticed anything really.“ – Colleen (Amazon Customer)

Does Reflex Nutrition Thermo Fusion Work?

The answer to whether Thermo Fusion works depends on your goals.

Are you looking to sweat more in the gym? Do you want to add a solid fat burner on top of your clean diet and intense workout routine? Then yes, Reflex Nutrition Thermo Fusion can definitely help you out.

But if you’re looking for an intense fat burner that will help you shed pounds without you working hard every day, then Thermo Fusion will leave you disappointed.


The price of Thermo Fusion reflects its quality. One bottle, which will last you about 25 days, costs around $24 or £19.50. This is not a high-end price like with top fat burners, but then again, neither are the benefits high-end.

Thermo Fusion is a solid product, it will help you sweat more, it may also help stabilize your blood sugar levels. The addition of green tea extract and cayenne will keep your metabolism ticking nicely. But it’s missing key appetite suppressants, which means you’ll continue to crave food throughout the day.

Also, the addition of caffeine can prove too much on top of the green tea. We suggest playing caution if you already drink coffee or tea in addition to taking Thermo Fusion.

All in all, it’s not a bad product, but it’s not the best either. If you’re someone who exercises several times per week, along with eating a clean diet, you may see some results from this product. But if you’re looking for more intense fat loss, you should check other options.

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