PRODUCT REVIEW: Sweat Ethic Ignite

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Sweat Ethic Ignite.

Sweat Ethic Ignite is a fat burning supplement that will apparently supercharge your workouts, and help you get a leaner and more defined physique. This review looks at its benefits, side effects, ingredients, and more to find out if it’s the right fat burner for you.

Branded as an “elite level thermogenic,” Ignite claims to help you:

  • Increase energy
  • Support weight loss
  • Enhance mental focus

The motto of this fat burner is “burn more, sweat more, and work more,” which suggests that it’s mainly intended for people who’re passionate about keeping fit.

If you quickly glance at its ingredient formula, you’ll notice two things: one, it has plenty of stimulants and is not a light fat burner. And two, you can’t see the dosage of each individual ingredient.

So this leaves us with the question; will this fat burner ignite your fat loss safely and effectively?

Pros and Cons

In this quick and easy section, we have an overview of what’s good and what’s not so good about Ignite fat burner.


  • Great for athletes and people who love hardcore stimulants
  • Kicks in hard and gives plenty of energy
  • Supports mental state


  • Possibly unsafe
  • Not for those who’re inexperienced or intolerant to stimulants
  • The price of $59.99 might not sit well with everyone

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Who Makes Ignite?

Ignite is made by Sweat Ethic, a company based in Nebraska USA.

They haven’t been around for very long, so we can’t tell you much about them. The website itself is still not complete at the time of writing this; their “about” section doesn’t have any information, it only says “coming soon.”

They do offer a variety of products on their website. Their products are aimed at not only fitness ‘nuts’ but also people who’re looking to improve their health and look better.


Sweat Ethic Ignite is all about burning fat in an aggressive and mean way. There are no compromises with this fat burner; it is designed to give you plenty of energy while ramping up your heart rate and adrenaline.



Chromium is a trace mineral that will help your body stabilize its blood sugar levels, along with promoting healthy insulin spikes after meals. (1)

In other words, chromium won’t help you lose fat but may prevent your body from gaining it.


Sweat Ethic Ignite will certainly ignite your workouts and ramp up your energy levels thanks to caffeine. However, as it’s a part of a proprietary blend, we don’t know how much caffeine is in Ignite. Which is a concern, since higher doses of this stimulant can cause serious side effects. We’ll discuss this further below.


Tyrosine is a type of mental enhancer. It replenishes your dopamine levels and helps you have better workouts. Although it has no effects on fat loss, dosages of 500-1000mg are shown to help with stress and mood. (2) However, the entire proprietary blend of Ignite is 500mg, and it’s unlikely that tyrosine makes up all of it.

Siberian Ginseng

This ingredient is great for combating fatigue. It can help you push through those long training sessions. Not to be mixed with Panax or Asian Red Ginseng, which is more of a nootropic & test booster. (3)

Green Tea Extract

Another great ingredient choice. Green tea extract contains catechins. These small molecules will help you shave off fat more easily by raising your metabolic rate. (4)

Raspberry Ketones

Many people claim that raspberry ketones helped them lose weight. But, according to research, oral doses of this ingredient are ineffective at burning fat. (5)

Beta Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride (PEA)

This is more of a nootropic ingredient. We aren’t completely sure why it was included in a fat burner!

Yohimbe Extract

Yohimbe is a very strong stimulant that some people will love, and others hate. It is known to cause heart palpitations and high blood pressure in sensitive users – especially when combined with other stimulants. On the flip side, Yohimbe works great for many athletes who no longer get that energy kick from caffeine alone. And generally for people who aren’t afraid of living on the edge. (6)

Bacopa Extract

Another nootropic ingredient in Sweat Ethic Ignite. Bacopa can improve your memory, but it takes a while to work – up to 12 weeks according to research. (7)

Gingko Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is an ancient tree. Its leaves are used to help with certain things related to brain health. It may be a solid ingredient for a nootropic supplement, but it’s not our favorite choice in a fat burner!


This compound is found in chocolate and can help with vascularity and blood flow. Great for those times when you’re working out as it can improve muscle pumps. 88)


Sulbutiamine is a synthetic compound consisting of Thiamine and sulfurs. It can be useful for infections, but it’s not very convincing in the fat burning department.

Bitter Orange Extract

Bitter Orange or Citrus Aurantium is an aggressive ingredient. It’s linked to higher energy levels, but also side effects like anxiety and nausea. (9)

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is a nootropic supplement that increases choline levels in your brain. Basically, it may support your brain health – but not much more!

Anything Missing?

Despite having plenty of ingredients, Sweat Ethic Ignite didn’t include any strong appetite suppressants in its formula.

Our favorite appetite suppressant is Garcinia Cambogia, which will not only fight food cravings but also improve your mood.

How to Take (Dosage)

The dosage of Sweat Ethic Ignite is 1 to 2 capsules, taken apart in the morning and early afternoon.

Watch out not to take Ignite too late in the day as it can interfere with your sleep.

Side Effects

If you read the first part of this Sweat Ethic Ignite review, then you saw that this fat burner has quite a few stimulants.

This usually isn’t a problem, unless you’re intolerant to them.

Specifically, we’re talking about caffeine, Yohimbe, and bitter orange peel here. While most experienced users will tolerate these ingredients just fine, it’s smart to play caution if you’ve never used stimulants of this kind before.

Price and Value For Money?

One bottle of Sweat Ethic Ignite costs $59.99. This is certainly not something everybody can afford.

However, when you consider that this product can last you up to two months, it’s not that terrible either. That comes out at about $30 per month.

The only reason why this product might not be the best value for money is due to the fact that it’s hiding its ingredients in a proprietary blend.

Sweat Ethic Ignite Review Conclusion

Sweat Ethic Ignite is a supplement with both its positive and negative sides.

Shall we start with the positives first?

For athletes and users who aren’t afraid of aggressive stimulants, this will be a perfect supplement. It will ramp up your energy levels, keep you alert, and may even promote a faster metabolism, all thanks to caffeine and other stims.

Now for the negatives. This supplement can make you twitchy and anxious if you don’t tolerate stimulants very well. It’s also a bit annoying that we can’t see the doses on the label, which prevents us from assessing the product’s safety.

If you’re looking to avoid any potential side effects while getting all the fat loss benefits, then check our current top fat burners by clicking below.



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