PRODUCT REVIEW: Sweat Ethic Omega Lean

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Sweat Ethic Omega Lean.

In this Sweat Ethic Omega Lean review, we’ll tell you all you need to know about this brand new fat burner.

Including its benefits, dosage, side effects, and more.

Marketed as a stimulant-free muscle toner, Omega Lean claims to promote these benefits:

  • Anti-catabolic
  • Active lifestyle support
  • Metabolic support

In other words, it’s supposed to help you burn fat while keeping your performance high. Sounds promising!

We have to say though, it’s a bit disappointing to see a proprietary blend included.

Will this affect the overall score and safety of this fat burner? Let’s check.

Pros and Cons

Omega Lean is a safe and decent supplement for the most part. It’s slightly let down by the fact that we can’t see the ingredient dosages.

The ingredients include omega-3s and flaxseeds, which will support your mood and joint health. They aren’t that effective at burning off that stubborn belly fat though!

See for yourself:


  • Safe & stimulant-free
  • Can be paired with other fat burners for better results
  • Omega-3s are great for mood & joint inflammation


  • The formula could be much better
  • Ingredient dosages aren’t visible in a proprietary blend
  • Doesn’t use an appetite suppressant

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Who Makes Omega Lean?

Omega Lean is made by a company called Sweat Ethic.

They are relatively new on the market but already offer a wide range of products.

This includes their sports range which is aimed at athletes looking to boost their workouts, as well as a lifestyle range which is catered more towards general health and fat loss benefits.


According to the marketing material on the Sweat Ethic website, three key benefits of Omega Lean are:

  • Burns Fat
  • Maintains Lean Muscle
  • Supports an Active Lifestyle


PRODUCT REVIEW: Sweat Ethic Omega Lean 2

Sweat Ethic Omega Lean didn’t include too many ingredients in its formula. It has fish oil, l-carnitine, flaxseed oil, CLA, and MCT Oil.

What’s odd about some of these ingredients is that their benefits are more catered towards general health than fat loss specifically.

It’s also a bit annoying that we aren’t able to see the ingredient dosages. All of them are hidden in a proprietary blend.

Fish Oil

Fish oils are a source of heavily studied omega-3s, fatty acids that are thought to help with everything from mood to joint inflammation.

The key omega-3 fatty acids in Omega Lean are EPA and DHA. Both can help with a variety of things, including your memory and wellbing.

However, while this ingredient is great for general health purposes, it won’t help you much with fat loss! (1)


L-Carnitine is a great ingredient for improving exercise performance. The good news is, your body already makes some of this amino acid so supplementation isn’t necessary in most cases.

That said, adding L-Carnitine to your stack can help you train harder in the gym.

As far as fat loss goes, here’s what Examine says about it: “L-Carnitine is often used for fat loss, but evidence doesn’t support this indication.” (2)

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseeds are a source of plant omega-3 fatty acids. Specifically, flaxseeds will provide you with ALA (alpha-linolenic acid, not to be confused with alpha-lipoic acid).

Your body can’t use ALA so it has to convert it to EPA and DHA. However, the ratio of conversion is about 5-15%. This means flaxseeds might not be the best choice for omega-3s. Fish or algae are far superior sources of omega-3 fatty acids. (3)

Not that it matters much though, as there are no reputable studies showing that flaxseed oil boosts fat loss in any significant way. It’s not a bad ingredient, we just feel there are more effective options out there.


MCT Oil is found in foods like coconut oil and is a great source of energy for your body. (4)

It contains medium-chain fatty acids, which, compared to more common long-chain fatty acids, are absorbed much quicker.

According to some evidence, MCT Oil might help you burn off a few extra calories. It’s not a bad ingredient choice all in all.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Conjugated Linoleic Acid, or simply CLA is an interesting ingredient. If you ever looked into any popular fat loss formula, chances are it had CLA in it.

CLA is thought to boost fat loss by interacting with a PPAR system in your body.

The problem is, most experts agree that CLA doesn’t have a strong enough effect on PPAR receptors to induce any major fat loss effects. The effects are modest at best. (5)

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Anything Missing?

Sweat Ethic Omega Lean formula would be more effective if it included a thermogenic and an appetite suppressant.

For example, our favorite fat burning ingredients are green tea extract and Garcinia Cambogia.

While green tea helps to boost up noradrenaline which elevates your metabolic rate. Garcinia raises serotonin levels in your brain, which helps you feel full and satiated. (6, 7)

How to Take (Dosage)

You should take 2 capsules of Omega Lean once or twice per day. If you take just 2 capsules daily, the entire bottle will last you 2 months, which is great.

Side Effects of Omega Lean

Sweat Ethic Omega Lean is one of the safer supplements we’ve tested.

It contains CLA, l-carnitine, omega-3 fatty acids, and flaxseed oils, which are all common inclusions in supplements and have plenty of research backing their safety.

As a result, you shouldn’t experience any side effects using Omega Lean.

Price & Value For Money?

The official website charges $49.99 for one bottle of Sweat Ethic Omega Lean.

The price itself is not that surprising! The main issue is the value you get for this kind of price tag.

Omega-3s, flaxseed oil, and l-carnitine are all great and safe ingredients… for general health benefits. Not so much for fat loss we’re afraid!

So is Sweat Ethic Omega lean a good value for money? We’ll let you be the judge on that.

Sweat Ethic Omega Lean Review Conclusion

So that brings us to the end of our Sweat Ethic Omega Lean review.

It’s refreshing to see a stimulant-free fat burner once in a while. It means you don’t have to worry about the side effects of caffeine or other stims.

But we’re left with the impression that the formula of Omega Lean is too light to cause any significant fat loss in users.

The ingredients might help you with general health and mood, but that’s about it. It’s definitely not a bad supplement though, we like that it can be paired with other fat burners since it’s so safe.

In that regard, if you’re looking for a potent and safe fat burner that will help you burn fat around the clock, click on the image below to see our top 3 picks for this year.



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