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PRODUCT REVIEW: Xtend Ripped. Xtend Ripped is a natural weight loss powder that comes in 4 different flavors. It builds on a BCAA formula that promises to help you get lean and build muscle. Key claims about this fat burner:

  • 7g of BCAAs to support your muscle growth and strength
  • Free of stimulants and sugar
  • 2.5g of l-glutamine & 1g of Citrulline Malate for performance benefits
  • Uses Carnitine & Capsimax to support your body’s natural fat-burning effects

Sounds fantastic! The packaging looks nice, too. But is this fat burner really all it’s rumored to be? Here in this Xtend Ripped review, we look at everything from the ingredients and side effects to customer reviews to help you find out.

Pros and Cons

The inclusion of cayenne pepper and some other ingredients means Xtend Ripped is more than a simple BCAA supplement. Besides helping you build muscle, it’s also claimed to support your metabolism. However, the latter claim is questionable. The formula is too weak to cause any serious fat meltdown. Xtend Ripped is mainly a supplement you’ll take while training at the gym to boost your muscle pumps. But to get ripped, you’ll need a fat burner with more potent ingredients.


  • Uses cayenne pepper which helps your body burn a bit more calories
  • Helps you maintain lean muscle mass
  • Boosts muscle pumps during training


  • Doesn’t have any appetite suppressants to help with food cravings
  • Can be pricey depending on where you buy it
  • Missing green tea and other proven fat burners

Who Makes Xtend Ripped?

Xtend is a brand that focuses on producing quality post-workout supplements. Their main goal is to maximize your recovery time and help you have more energy during training. One common thing about their supplements is that they all have BCAAs – this is the ingredient that they build their formulas upon.

More Facts About the Company

As for the company itself, you won’t find a lot of information about them that easily. After doing some digging, we found that they’re based in the USA but ship internationally via 3rd party sites. We’d appreciate a bit more info about their company history and other facts. As a customer, you’d probably like to know more about those you’re buying from. Xtend seems like a trustworthy brand, however, as they have a number of well-known athletes as their sponsors, including Brooke Wells.


You may have asked yourself how products like Xtend Ripped work. The matter of fact is, these kinds of supplements are made to help you on your fitness journey. Specifically, the may support your training to improve your energy levels and muscle pumps. Additionally, Xtend Ripped also claims to help you:

  • Burn fat
  • Improve performance
  • Boost muscle protein synthesis

It’s quite unusual for a BCAA supplement to claim to help you shed pounds. But then again, this is not a sole BCAA formula, so let’s see what it’s got. PRODUCT REVIEW: Xtend Ripped 1


As we’ve repeated, the basis of Xtend Ripped’s formula are BCAAs. However, the producers decided to stack this with carnitine, glutamine, cayenne pepper, and other ingredients that will improve your results in the gym even further. However, there are no appetite suppressants. If you typically often have food cravings during the day, then this fat burner may leave you disappointed.


There are 9 essential amino acids in your body. They’re essential because your body can’t make them on its own; instead, you need to get them through your diet. As building blocks of protein, amino acids are mandatory for not just your muscles but also overall health. However, out of those 9 amino acids, 3 have been shown to be specifically good for building muscle. These three are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Collectively known as BCAAs. (2)

  • L- Leucine – This is potentially the most important amino acid when it comes to building muscle.
  • L-Isoleucine – Promotes glucose uptake into your muscles and tissues.
  • L-Valine – Valine seems to be the least important out of these three BCAAs.


Your body has plenty of glutamine and it even produces some of it on its own. As such, glutamine isn’t a strictly essential amino acid. The only cases where supplementing glutamine could help is if you’re deficient in it or train very hard, as glutamine levels are depleted by strenuous exercise or injuries. Glutamine helps you maintain a healthy immune system and gut function, and can also support your muscle-building process. It doesn’t help much with fat loss, though. (3)

Electrolyte Blend

Xtend Ripped contains a proprietary blend with potassium and sodium. These two essential minerals help with certain things, however, they won’t help you lose weight. As such, they aren’t the best ingredients to include in a fat burner.

Citrulline Malate

Citrulline is something you’ll often find in pre-workout supplements. It enhances your blood flow and boosts muscle pumps. The way it achieves these effects is by turning into l-arginine into your kidneys. L-arginine, in turn, widens your blood vessels and improves circulation. (4)

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA is an ingredient with fatty acids that are thought to stimulate fat loss. You’ll be disappointed to hear that these effects are weak, at best. Examine confirms that CLA is a fairly ineffective fat burning ingredient. (1)


In some cases, Carnitine can help your body utilize fat more efficiently. But a supplemental L-carnitine can only help you if you’re deficient in it. (5)

Capsimax Cayenne Pepper

Now, this is a more concrete fat burning ingredient. Capsimax is a patented form of cayenne pepper, a natural thermogenic that signals your body to burn more calories. As an added bonus, cayenne pepper will also make you sweat more during your workouts. (6)

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Anything Missing?

The formula of Xtend Ripped could use a few additional ingredients that would make this fat burner much stronger. These ingredients include:

  • Green Tea – Helps you burn fat by kicking your metabolism into high gear. It also helps to reduce food cravings. (7)
  • Garcinia Cambogia – It’s a powerful appetite suppressant that tells your body it’s had enough food, in cases where otherwise you’d feel hungry. It’s disappointing that Xtend Ripped omitted an appetite suppressant like Garcinia. (8)

Does Xtend Ripped Work?

Xtend Ripped is something of a hybrid between a recovery supplement and fat burner. Based on the ingredient formula that we saw, you get the feeling that it’s leaning more towards the former. So to answer your question, Xtend Ripped does work for building muscle and having energy in your workouts. It doesn’t work as well for shredding unnecessary pounds.

How to Take (Dosage)

As per producer’s label, you should mix one scoop (8-16 oz.) of Xtend Ripped with water. Adjust the dosage for your taste preference. Be sure to shake everything well so it can fully dissolve. You can take up to 2 scoops per day for best results. Take them either during exercise on your training days, or in between meals on your non-training days.

Side Effects of Xtend Ripped

Just based on the fact that Xtend Ripped is a stimulant-free formula, the risk of side effects is brought to the minimum. The dosages are also in the safe range, and the ingredients are all well-researched. If you have any doubts though, you can always ask your healthcare provider for more information before buying this product.

Customer Reviews

With over 271 reviews on Amazon, the average rating for Xtend Ripped is 4 out of 5 stars. One person said that they love this brand, but they felt Xtend Ripped didn’t bring any change “ripped wise.” This person also said they preferred the flavors of the original Xtend product compared to its “Ripped” iteration. Another person named Alex said that Xtend Ripped works “really well.” According to Alex, this product helps with muscle soreness the day after working out, but feels the taste could be better.


30 servings of Xtend Ripped will cost you anywhere between $30-53.90, depending on where you buy it. For example, one bottle of Xtend Ripped (30 servings) costs $37.99 on the official website. On Amazon, it’s $31.31. They offer 4 different flavors for Xtend Ripped, so if you have a specific taste for these kinds of products, chances are they’ll have the flavor you’re looking for.

Is Xtend Ripped Good Value For Money?

For a product that boosts your muscle pumps, increases recovery post-workout, and supports your metabolism, the price of $37.99 seems like a fair deal. If you’re looking for a true fat burner though, then Xtend Ripped isn’t worth this kind of price tag. Simply because there are more effective options available on the market. Buy on Amazon

Conclusion to Our Xtend Ripped Review

In this Xtend Ripped review, you saw that this is a performance-enhancing supplement above all. It’s not the best fat burner, but if you love to train hard in the gym, it will most definitely help you train harder for longer. To quickly recap, here’s what you need to know about Xtend Ripped:

  • Helps to boost your metabolism during workouts.
  • Enhances your muscle pumps.
  • It’s a bit pricey for some, costing between $30-50 for just 30 servings.
  • User reviews are mostly positive, although some say the flavors are off
  • Not as potent as some other fat burners

Overall, if you want to have more energy and zest in your workouts, this is the one to go for. But don’t expect much from it in terms of weight loss. “See


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