2019 Arnold Classic Australia

RESULTS: 2019 Arnold Classic Qualifier – Victoria, Australia

Arnold Classic Qualifier - Victoria

RESULTS: 2019 Arnold Classic Qualifier – Victoria

As we promised, we continue with the coverage of the Australian Arnold Classic qualifiers.

The 2019 Arnold Classic Qualifier – Victoria took place at the Kingston Arts Centre Moorabbin.

This competition is sanctioned by the NPC/Pro League and is a 2019 Arnold Classic Australia qualifier for Western Australia.

Australian legendary bodybuilding promoter Tony Doherty and IFBB Pro Josh Lenartowicz also attended the show.


Bodybuilding Juniors
1st Place Ben Lack

Bodybuilding Novice
1st David Roig
2nd Joe Papa
3rd Nick Patsolaridis

Bodybuilding Masters
1st Harry Vlahos
2nd Paul Jayilian
3rd Nick Patsolaridis

Men’s Bodybuilding Under 70kgs
1st Dilshan Perera
2nd Jason Nakhla
3rd Mohammed Chamma

Men’s Bodybuilding Under 80kgs
1st Tony Razmovski
2nd Andy McKenzie

Men’s Bodybuilding Under 90kgs
1st Mark Costanzo
2nd James Roach
3rd Luke Fuller

Men’s Bodybuilding Under 100kgs
1st James Ormsby
2nd Sean Berman
3rd Ebi Bastam

Men’s Bodybuilding Over 100kgs
1st Jake Nikolopoulos
2nd Ross Moloney
3rd Adam Rochester

Men’s Classic Physique First Timers
1st Rocci Calvi
2nd Jonathan Rodrigo
3rd Ali Sadraei

Men’s Classic Physique Novice
1st James Roach
2nd Rocci Calvi
3rd Tony Razmovski

Men’s Classic Physique Open
1st Chad Haywood
2nd Ranjit Singh
3rd Rocci Calvi

Men’s Physique First Timers
1st Lawrence Templar
2nd Daniel Bennett
3rd Hayden Childs

Men’s Physique Novice
1st Hossein Eini
2nd Matt Orchard
3rd Riste Mladenovski

Men’s Physique Open
1st Laquintin Alston
2nd Dave Llewellyn
3rd Reef Abubaker

Figure Novice
1st LIsa Saygun
2nd Steffanie Gohr
3rd Jordan Vagg

Figure Masters
1st Kristie Notte
2nd Karla Gambell
3rd Kathleen Simpson

Figure Open
1st Kelly Sammut
2nd Lisa Saygun
3rd Renee Walker

Women’s Physique
1st Rach White
2nd Ira Hornung

Women’s Fitness
1st Bridget Balley

Bikini First Timers
1st Elizaveta Zakharchenko
2nd Donna Mae
3rd Olivia DiRamacca

Bikini Juniors
1st Alisha Knight
2nd Caitlin Norman
3rd Sarah Scopelliti

Bikini Masters
1st Erin Blandford
2nd Kim Lawless
3rd Ashley Ducquet

Bikini Novice
1st Jade Stepanoski
2nd Lara Gya
3rd Kate Ackland

Bikini Opens
1st Ebony Murray
2nd Morgan Northrup
3rd Anne-Sophie Poix

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