2019 Arnold Classic Australia

RESULTS: 2019 Josh Lenartowicz Classic – Arnold Classic WA Qualifier

2019 Josh Lenartowicz Classic

RESULTS: 2019 Josh Lenartowicz Classic – Arnold Classic WA Qualifier.

The 2019 Josh Lenartowicz Classic took place at the Riverside Theater in Perth on 17 February, 2019.

This competition is sanctioned by the NPC/Pro League and is a 2019 Arnold Classic Australia qualifier for Western Australia.

Australian legendary bodybuilding promoter Tony Doherty also attended the show.

Approximately 100 competitors signed up for the event in different categories.

Bodybuilding Overall Champion
James Newcombe

Junior Bodybuilding
1st Luke Keddie
2nd Reza Smith
3rd Jayson Wilmot

Novice Bodybuilding
1st Jarryd McKenzie
2nd Martin Leavey
3rd Tom Homan

Bodybuilding U/85kg
1st Chris Corcoran
2nd Jarryd McKenzie
3rd Alex Morosan

Bodybuilding U/100kg
1st James Newcombe
2nd Johnny Afoa
3rd Mark Curtis

Bodybuilding O/100kg
1st Brendan Sacca
2nd Shayne Smith
3rd Chris Booker

Men’s Physique First Timers
1st Aaron Boccardo
2nd Liam Harvey
3rd Adrian Morosan

Men’s Physique Novice
1st Aaron Boccardo
2nd Hallam Dean
3rd Mick Samways

Classic Physique Novice
1st Reza Smith
2nd Luke Keddie
3rd Joshua Teo

Classic Physique Open
1st Reza Smith
2nd Blair Tahitahi
3rd Anthony Novak

Men’s Physique Open
1st Blair Tahitahi
2nd Stefan Babji
3rd Jordan Begley

Figure Novice
1st Kayla Jones
2nd Jojo Doble
3rd Brittany Cornelius

1st Kayla Jones
2nd Jojo Doble
3rd Helen Savage

Women’s Physique
1st Erin Fruet
2nd Bree Evans
3rd Alysha Kempf

Bikini First Timers Class A
1st Ainsley Goncalves
2nd Kathryn Willers
3rd Charlee Phillips

Bikini First Timers Class B
1st Talitha Scott
2nd Monique Gordon
3rd Jessica Hamersley

Bikini Junior
1st Jessica Hamersley
2nd Regine Sum
3rd Maddison Armstrong

Bikini Novice A
1st Kristen Conway
2nd Ainsley Goncalves
3rd Kathryn Willers

Bikini Novice Class B
1st Chelsea Simpson
2nd Casey-Jo Dixon
3rd Gabriella Dercole

Bikini Open Class A
1st Nicole Tan
2nd Kirsten Conway
3rd Ainsley Concalves

Bikini Open Class B
1st Chelsea Simpson
2nd Sasha Smoor
3rd Gabriella Dercole

Bikini Overall Champion
Nicole Tan

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