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RESULTS & PHOTOS: 2019 IFBB Elite Pro Madrid

RESULTS & PHOTOS: 2019 IFBB Elite Pro Madrid.

The final chance to qualify for the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships took place in Madrid on 19 October, 2019.

87 elite Pro athletes made the trip to Madrid for the second edition of the IFBB Elite Pro Madrid show.

This has become one of the biggest Elite Pro shows on the contest schedule every year.

With the Arnold Classic Europe just a few weeks before, this show is a great opportunity for the athletes to earn important qualifying points for the IFBB Elite Pro World Championships.

IFBB President Rafael Santonja and IFBB Executives were present to hand put the winning prizes.

1. Volodymyr Byruk, Ukraine
2. Ilya Lukovets, Belarus
3. Roman Vavrecan, Slovakia
4. Jan Turek, Czech Republic
5. Fabio Petruio, Italy

Bodybuilding, masters:
1. Jozef Furin, Czech Republic
2. Ralph Decelis, Malta
3. Juan Alberto Machado Gutierréz, Spain
4. Vasyl Remzov, Ukraine
5. Oscar Matin, Spain

Classic physique:
1. Marcel Marcin Przyszlak, Poland
2. Denis Romanov, Russia
3. Sebastian Maschberger, Germany
4. Jesus Rodal, Spain
5. Tomasz Marzec, Poland

Men’s physique:
1. Abies Nosa, United Kingdom
2. Omer Bahamed, Qatar
3. Daniel Garrido, Spain
4. Thierry Bayala, France
5. Dennis Johansen, Norway

Wellness fitness:
1. Angela Borges, Brazil
2. Angie Karrer, Switzerland
3. Lexy Oliver, Italy
4. Elba Viola, Dominican Republic
5. Urania Politis, Greece

Bikini fitness:
1. Ivanna Escandar, Spain
2. Ramona Žiauberyté, Lithuania
3. Reet Reimets, Estonia
4. Alexandra Dimitrova, Bulgaria
5. Natalia Lugovskikh, Russia

Bikini fitness, masters:
1. Lucia Fi Pancrazio, Italy
2. Irina Zheleyko, Russia
3. Radka Szombathova, Slovakia

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RESULTS & PHOTOS: 2019 IFBB Elite Pro Madrid 1

RESULTS & PHOTOS: 2019 IFBB Elite Pro Madrid 2

RESULTS & PHOTOS: 2019 IFBB Elite Pro Madrid 3

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