RESULTS & PHOTOS: 2019 NABBA World Championships

RESULTS & PHOTOS: 2019 NABBA World Championships.
NABBA Worlds 2019
Ulster Hall
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Results courtesy of Si Sweeney.


BIKINI Under 21
1st Victoria Jefanovova-Slovakia
2nd Linda Oberheber-Austria
3rd Shania McNally-Northern Ireland
4th Sinead Keetley-Northern Ireland
5th Beth Hanson-Great Britain

BIKINI 21-34
1st Anna Mayer-Austria
2nd Hannah Marie Mulvaney
Great Britain
3rd Carmen Haenggi-Switzerland
4th Jenesa Phillips-Great Britain
5th Alysha Jacob-Great Britain
6th Seána Jenkinson-Rep Ireland

BIKINI Over 35
1st Iveta Karajosova-Slovakia
2nd Michele Daly-Northern Ireland
3rd Anna Marchenko-Austria
4th Denise O Donovan-Rep of Ireland
5th Kim Constable-Northern Ireland

Men’s Sports Shorts U21
1st Adam Hislop-Great Britain

Men’s Sports Shorts 21-39
1st Marcel Suba-Slovakia
2nd James Plaza-Great Britain
3rd Derek Hearns-Rep of Ireland
4th Krzysztof Sobotka-Poland
5th Michael Gagic-Austria
6th-Rob Bakewell-Great Britain

Men’s Sports Shorts Over 40
1st Wes Morgan-Great Britain
2nd Bryan Park-Great Britain
3rd Paul Jackson-Great Britain
4th Rick Lean-Great Britain
5th Alessandro Martin-Italy

Masters 50+ Bodybuilding
1st Brendan Surgeoner- Northern Ireland
2nd Andy James-Great Britain
3rd Hugh Ross-USA
4th Zdenc Brams-Czech Rep
5th Todd Payette-Canada
6th Jean Luc Favre-France

Masters 40+ Bodybuilding
1st Kyle Vauls-Northern Ireland
2nd Niall Kinsella-Rep of Ireland
3rd Paul Thompson-Great Britain
4th Brian Keigherty-Rep of Ireland
5th Jonathan Gilles-Northern Ireland
6th Darren Lynas-Northern Ireland

Classic Men’s Bodybuilding
1st Plamen Handarov-Great Britain
2nd Karim Kadri-France
3rd Gerhard Krawwer-Austria
4th Michal Vajda-Slovakia
5th Phillipe Gimenez-France
6th Michal Lukac-Slovakia

Miss Toned Figure
1st Hayley Guiseley-Northern Ireland
2nd Victoria Dales-Great Britain
3rd Alexandra Richmond-Great Britain
4th Natalie Taylor-Great Britain
5th Carly MaGill-Northern Ireland
6th Dagmar Kunova -Czech Rep

Miss Physique
1st Trudy Fenech-Australia

Miss Athletic Figure
1st Ana Cala Ceron-Rep of Ireland
2nd Emma Quinn- Northern Ireland
3rd Mollie Isaacs-Great Britain
4th Rita Weiserova-Slovakia
5th Jana Kolarova-Czech Rep
6th Jacky De La Torre-Mexico

Miss Trained Figure
1st Ilaria Armeni-Great Britain
2nd Elodie Moore-France
3rd Valerie Junca-France
4th Ulrike Karner-Austria
5th Katinka Streiber-Switzerland
6th Aneta Debiec-Poland

Class 4 Men
1st David Dahan-France
2nd Simone Meiattini-Italy
3rd Lukas Jilovec-Czech Rep

Class 3 Men
1st Paul Latham-Great Britain
2nd Christian McAlinden-Rep of Ireland
3rd Anthony Savva-Great Britain
4th Vinny McCormick-Northern Ireland

Class 2 Men
1st Drew Walker-Great Britain
2nd David Fartel-Slovakia
3rd Gerald Lopez-France
4th Brian Ward-Northern Ireland
5th Wojcieck Frankowski-Great Britain
6th Adam Romanec-Slovakia

Class 1 Men
1st Manakov Alexander-Russia
2nd Jim Georgiou-Great Britain
3rd Nick Whitehouse-Great Britain
4th Kevin Stutz-Austria
5th Darius Martinkus-Rep of Ireland
6th Dan Clarke-Great Britain

Overall Amateur Champion
David Dehan – France 🇫🇷

Women’s Pro Class
1st Emmanuelle Emile -France

Men’s Pro Class
1st David Dahan-France
2nd – Stanislav Cerman-Czech Rep
3rd Fabrice Radkowski-France
4th Manakov Alexander-Russia
5th – Olizirio Anibal Junior-Brazil
6th Drew Walker-Great Britain

David Dahan France 🇫🇷 won both Amateur Overall And Professional title. He is only the second man in the history of NABBA Worlds to do this. Mark Getty was the first In 2014.


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