Ric Drasin Told How Training Effected Aging

Ric Drasin Told How Training Effected Aging

There are a lot of people who believe that bodybuilding can slow the process of aging down. Party this unofficial theory is based on the fact that sport and regular training is good for health and metabolism. Some people support the statement, pointing on pictures of bodybuilders who often look younger than other people of the same age.

However, it’s difficult to say whether bodybuilding really has any anti-aging effect. Some people even say that training with weights can stimulate the aging processes.

Perhaps, the real effect of bodybuilding on aging depends on other conditions: frequency of training, usage of sports drugs, nutrition and amount of sleep. Modern sportsmen are trying to find a compromise between hard work and a healthy lifestyle, what makes the bodybuilding more healthy and less traumatic kind of sport.

Nevertheless, it’s still hard to say exactly whether the professional sport is more useful or harmful to one’s health. Probably, each person shall answer the question individually, taking into consideration many nuances.

In order to make the question clearer, Ric Drasin shared his own idea about the connection between bodybuilding and aging. Ric is one of the brightest sportsmen of the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Now he is 74 and he still keeps training and prefers living an active life.

Looking at Ric it’s hard to believe he’s older than 70. Most people would tell he’s 15-20 years younger than he actually is. The sportsman still has strong and sporty physique. He likes visiting different sports events, being surrounded by younger people and shares their interests.

Ric is not just looking younger, he also feels and acts like a younger man. However, is it the effect of the sport only?

The sportsman is also interested in the question. He has always been attentive to the changes that have happened to his body with age. He has also often compared himself to people of his age who were not involved in the sport. This allowed Ric to make some valuable conclusions.

Ric took part in creating a very interesting and informative video. He speaks everything he knows about the connection between sports and aging and also shares his personal experience of training at older age.

This video may change your attitude to aging completely, showing you an alternative way of keeping great physique no matter how old you are.


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