Ric Drasin Told Some Rare Facts About Jeff Everson

Ric Drasin Told Some Rare Facts About Jeff Everson

Looking at today’s bodybuilding, it’s hard to imagine once it was very different. There are great sportsmen of the past who stand behind the current popularity, concept, and organization of the sport. There are people who dedicated their professional lives to make bodybuilding as great and interesting as it is these days.

Jeff Everson is a real sports legend. He was a great sportsman and a very goal-oriented person who managed to reach success both in bodybuilding and powerlifting. Jeff was in love with the sport, he dedicated all of his time to developing his body, making it stronger and better looking.

Everson also made a small revolution in the sport, changing people’s attitude towards bodybuilding. He was among first to connect the power of mind with the power of muscles. He made people see bodybuilding as a deeper, more complicated activity with its own philosophy.

Being married to Cory Everson who won the Olympia contest 6 times, he was more than a husband to Cory. He was also her source of inspiration, her training partner and her coach. When the marriage of the two great sports legends was over, Cory remembered her former husband with very warm words. They managed to stay close friends years after their divorce.

Cory Everson told, remembering a case of her getting in a hospital: “When I was in the hospital, he camped out at my side for weeks. He kept telling me to focus on my internal strengths and mentally guide myself to heal. I believed in me, mostly because he believed in me. As I recovered, I don’t think anyone was ever as proud of me as Jeff.”.

The recent death of Jeff Everson became a painful shock to thousands of his fans all over the world. The former bodybuilder who was 68 years old was found dead at his home. The reason for death is still undefined.

Death of the bodybuilding legend made Ric Drasin speak about Jeff and those old good days they both were competing bodybuilders. Ric shared some light and interesting stories that may reveal the personality standing behind the image of a bodybuilding icon.

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